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Adult (NC) Blade & Soul 2, World Exchange System

NCsoft (CEO Kim Taek Jin, MMORPG (NC) Multi-Platform MMORPG (Multi-Platform Role Performance Game) ‘Blade & Soul 2 (Base 2)’ added ‘World Exchange’ system.

Blade & Soul 2 World Boss Fights Lyn Destroyer

The World Exchange is a system that can be transactions between 12 servers belonging to the same world. Users can easily purchase or sell items that were difficult to find in the server. More than hero rating ▲ Equipment ▲ Untitled ▲ Untitled can be traded.

The NC (NC) is the World Boss Event ‘Red Military Square: Ring War Season 2’. It is an event that can be enjoyed over the server through the character server transfer. When you kill the World Boss, you receive the ‘Red Veterinary Heart’, a legendary rating ring. World Boss appears on one designated server of each world, and is emerged in the Arrangement of Haeryongsan Mountains ‘Grief’, which is capable of accepting a character of 60 or higher. Events are held on February 26 and 8:00 pm on March 5 (Sat).

The server will be conducted for two weeks from February 23 to March 8th. The transfer of this server proceeds with a group of two worlds. All users can exchange server proposal to 100 play points (total 2).

The user can participate in the ‘Red Military: Shadow’ Event. By killing a boss monster that appeared in the Safety Area ‘Shadow Arena’ for each server, you can acquire a variety of items, such as the ‘Guardian’s Length’, a hero rating ring. Users can participate at level 55 or higher. The event begins on February 26 (Sat) and from 7:00 pm on March 5th.

The NC (NC) proceeds ‘Nazaru’s surprise box event’. The user receives a ‘surprise box’ according to the schedule for the purposes. If you open the ‘Surprise Surprise Box’, the best rating surprise box, you can get a ‘Long Equipment for’ Equipment ‘, which can acquire hero-based equipment.