Magic: The Gathering Lanza Kamigawa: A Visual Novel

Magic Fans: The Gathering may know the world of Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty a little better through a new free game set on the plane. _Kamigawa: A visual novel allows fanatics to explore and interact with the Kamigawa kingdom as never before. Players assume the role of an imperial samurai on a mission that could have serious consequences for all Kamigawa. When things go wrong, the player’s elections will determine how problems are resolved, including who travels with them. They can gather a complete group of characters who are usually disagreing with each other as they develop the powers of their linked kami and explore Sokenzan-shi and dark streets of Towashi, knowing more inhabitants of Kamigawa.

The game also includes some surprises for the fans of Magia: The meeting Content creators Players must be attentive to Kero Kero Kero Cameos, Shurjoka, Sweet Anita, The Asian Avenger and Chocolatekie.

But there is much more to enjoy in kamigawa: a visual novel. Here is a summary of the characteristics of the developer’s game, YRS Truly:

  • Characters representing the vibrant population of Kamigawa : He meets Imperial Samurai Touma, Rei de Hisaku Uprisers and assumed the Order of Hanami. Visit to the Nezumi Itachi at the noodle bar of it or traces the mysterious lunar town in Towashi.
  • Multiple locations within the world of Kamigawa to explore : Investigate a merger in Sokenzan-shi and streets and busy establishments of Towashi. Nobody knows where you can finish after…

Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Official Cinematic – Magic: The Gathering

  • A story where your choices matter : Your choices influence not only on your colleagues, but also in your linked kami. Diplomacy or intimidation, sympathy or hostility: Everything depends on you.
  • Secondary Missions with Cameos : While traveling by Kamigawa, you may find yourself with some familiar faces. Characters based on the band Kero Kero Nice, the creators of Sweet Anita content, Shurjoka, The Asian Avenger and Chocolatekie are all in the game for you to find them.

Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty is the first return of Magic: The Gathering to the plane of Kamigawa from the original block of Kamigawa. From the Kami wars, approximately 1200 years have passed and Kamigawa has changed. Once a world of natural beauty inspired by Japanese traditions and culture, Neon Dynasty finds Kamigawa entertaining in the Cyberpunk territory. While the futurists of Saiba lead the road, they receive a little help from the oldest Villains in Magic: The Gathering, the Phyrexians.

KAMIGAWA: A VISUAL novel is now available and can be downloaded for free from itching. Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty is already on sale.