2: 1 Against Russia: Finland is Olympic Champion for the first time!

In the initial minutes, the Finns had slight advantages, very clear scoring regulations did not arise. The first overpayment of the finals then had the Russians who promptly went in the lead: Mikhail Grigorenko came from a semoliferous position to the shot and hit a short delay with a rich wrist shot next to the left posts into the gate (8.).

Pokka finds the gap – Russians at passive

The Finns were under tremendous in the episode and forced the Russian keeper Ivan Fedotov to intervene again and again. But the Russian defensive stopped – despite a shooting ratio of 15: 7 in favor of Suomis – to the final siren of the first section. In the 25th minute defender Ville Pokka finally broke with an actually harmless Schlenzer from the side, but the Fedotov could not see, since he was obscured the view, the spell for the Finns – 1: 1.

In the further course of the Central Section, a continued bonded game developed, in which Russia presented its own passive. The big opportunities remained over wide stretches. Especially the Finnish goalkeeper Harri Säferi had little to do.

Björninen fakes crucial

So it went with a draw in the third third, which, however, just lasted 31 seconds, marriage Hannes Björninen wasted a Schlenzer of Marko Anttila untouchable for Fedotov to 2: 1 for Finland.

Anyone who had counted afterwards with angry Russians was deceived. Because while the Sbornaja was trying quite a bit, but came against the runny and disciplined defending finns but barely once only shots on the goal. Even with a six-way fielder, no clear overpass posing succeeded in the end, so that the Russians – unlike the Overtime success against Germany 2018 in Pyeongchang – had to be satisfied with silver.

The Finnish players cheer the historic gold. Imago Images / Bildbyran

Finland, however, won after twice silver (2006, 1988) and four times Bronze (2014, 2010, 1998, 1994) for the first time an Olympic gold medal in the ice hockey.

Already on Saturday, Slovakia had won his first ice hockey medal with a bronze thanks to a 4-0 against Sweden with Bronze at Olympic Games.

Klebo is not going. Norway is horrified! All of Russia is FUN from the victory in the Ski Relay

Statistics for the game

Russia – Finland 1: 2 (1: 0, 0: 1, 0: 1)


Fedotov (BEILYALOV) – Nikishin, Nesterov; Yakovlev, Yelesin; Telegin, Voinov; Sharipzyanov – Semyonov, Shipachyov, Chibisov; Gritsyuk, Tkachyov, Gusev; Slepyshev, Karnaukhov, Voronkov; Plotnikov, Andronov, Grigorenko; Kayumov.


Senderi (Olkinuora) – Lehtonen, Hietanen; LindboHM, Vatanes; Friman, Kemiläinen; Ohtamaa, Pokka – Granlund, Manninen, Harticainen; Pesons, Filppula, Pakarines; Aaltonen, Nattinen, Komarov; Mäenalans, Björninen, Anttila.

Goals: 1: 0 (7:17) Grigorenko (Nesterov, Gusev) PP, 1: 1 (23:28) Pokka (Björninen, Ohtamaa), 1: 2 (40:31) Björninen (Anttila, Ohtamaa ).

Peefs: Russia 6 – Finland 2.

Referee: Tobias Björk (Sweden), Andrew Bruggeman (USA).