Latest extension “Tides of Avarice” and update 5.00 of space sim “X4: Foundations” distributed on March 15

EGOSOFT announced that the latest extension “ Tides of Avarice ” and Update 5.00 will be released on March 15, Japan for Sandbox & Space Simulation X4: Foundations “.

Terran Systems - Sunlight Changes! - X4: Cradle of Humanity - Captain Collins

Extended “Tides of Avarice” can meet and interact with pirate and scavenger factions, in the third edition of this work announced in November 2021. In addition, a new star system encountered with those factions also appears new ships. Furthermore, in the update 5.00 delivered simultaneously, the expansion and improvement of the base game is conducted. New main shipments and AMD FIDELITYFX SUPER RESOLUTION (FSR) support are planned.

Also, according to the announcement on STEAM, it is possible to download “Tides of Avarice” from 2:00 am on March 15, 2005, and preallocence video, press preview, launch trailer etc. will be released by releases. increase. (Dates change to Japan time according to the release date)

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“X4: Foundations” Latest extension “Tides of Avarice” will be released on March 15 for Windows / Linux (STeam, Gog.com).