Ironmouse is now the Twitch

Ironmouse Becomes the All-time Most Subbed to Female Streamer on Twitch
If you are on your vuors, you already know the name “Ironmouse”. Well, today she has started her name in the annals of Twitch by getting the Twitch Streamer with most subscriptions of all time on the platform.

The mighty mouse surpassed the previous record – 73,623 subscribers on the eleventh day of their subathon streams, which was established by Kim “Kkatamine” Mi-Young in November 2021. There she not only exceeded a million follower for the first time, but also broken the subscriber record.

“Words can not express what I am just feeling,” an emotional Ironmouse tweets. “I can not stop crying. Thanks for all your love and thank you for accompanying me on this crazy journey. Let us experience many more adventures together. Thank you for changing my life, I love you all so much. “

At the time of writing this article lies the subscriber number of Ironmouse at 75,380 – that makes you the 13th streamer with most subscribers of all time on the platform, behind sizes like Nick “Nickmerc’s Kolkff,” Pestily “and Hasan” Hasanabi “. Piker.

It is also no bad place for the most popular vuibbers on the platform, especially since she started only in 2019 with the stream on Twitch.

Her climb was well deserved, but not over yet. The unlimited subath of Ironmouse is still active – at the time of writing are still 18 hours on the clock – so she could actually surpass some of the biggest streamers and rather penetrate earlier than later into the top ten. Just watch this room.