2nd place in steam, Rost Arc Steam Corporation 132 million

The Smile Gate said on the 16th, with its MMORPG Lost Arc, after the Saemon Games and the Steam, which was released through Steam on the 11th.

The Smile Gate RPG is actively communicating with adventurers in the global market, such as hosting the “Art Week”, which communicates with the adventure and the adventures through the Amazon official Twitch Channel ‘Crown’ from the last 7 days to 11th. Through this, he led the hot response of local adventurers. In the future, I plan to build a robust partnership for the successful global market with Amazon Games with Amazon Games.

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Mike Frazzini Vice President, “Our goal is to be the most customer friendly enterprise in the global game market,” said Amazon Games. ” Everything is getting bigger strength. We will continue to utilize various channels such as Prime Gaming and Twitch, so that more people can enjoy roast arcs in the future. “

The Smile Gate RPG support is a representative of “Global MMORPG Fans on Rost Arc was impressed to the hot support of MMORPG fans. In this way, I preached a greeting of a sincere gratitude to domestic adventurers who share romance together to grow into a global MMORPG that represents our country. “In addition, I will concentrate the company’s capabilities so that Rost Arc can be a typical global IP that is loved by the world, “he said.

On the other hand, the global version of the Lost Arc, which was officially released, is the continent of ‘Yon’, “Payton”, “Paponica”, which is the continent of Logel, which was seen in the last CBT with 15 classes. In addition, various contents such as 90 island contents and ‘T3 (tier 3)’ equipment. The Smile Gate RPG will continue to update additional content in order, considering the content consumption and growth rate of users’ content consumption and growth rate.

Lost arc related detailed information can be found through the game official website.