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[Concolor] Black Desert Mobile, “Central CBT, Launched Date”

Pulse, Bis conducted a conference call to announce the 4Q earnings last year for domestic and overseas investors. The announcement of this earnings was involved in the main executives, including CEO and Joe-Woo CFO, which is the pulse of Vis, and the main executives, including CEO and Joe-woo CFO, with annual and 4Q earnings.

  • Date: February 15, 2022 (Tue) 08: 00 ~ 09: 30

  • CEO: Pulse, CEO, Tok-woo CFO and major executives

  • Announcement: Pulse Puzzle Total earnings announcement and QNA in 4Q09

■ Overseas sales are 81%, Pulse 4Q08 Performance Summary

Pulse, Bis focused on four quarters in 4Q09 and the stable service of Eve Online. The black desert has been conducted with the new area of ​​Sacrille, and the Calpeion banquet was participated in 550,000 global users. This was the participation of the most global users recorded since Bisu was the first time the user has started the user’s conference. Separate live broadcasts were also available for future sharing of feedback and development status of updates that are reflected after Calpeion banquet.

Black Desert Mobile Chinese services are being prepared smoothly after testing three times after the issuance of the guard. We have been tested in November last year, and recently, in January, the elite test has been reflected in the actual release build and BM, and checked the play and payment pattern.

With the 19th year of this year, Eve Online wishes to provide new fun for users, paying a shortage of Taejo-based NFT, a shortage of November, a shortage of November last year. In addition, Gesta introduced ‘Black Space Engine’, and more of the game to announce the music video of the Garbor Wars.

The 4Q09 sales of Vis was W118bn, operating profit W25.7bn, and net profit of W108bn. With the robust global performance and investment of ‘Black Desert’ and ‘Eve’, sales and operating profit increased by 22.4%, 152%, and 28.5% YoY, respectively, respectively. In 2021, sales were 4,03.8 billion won, operating profit of W43bn, and net profit of W61.1 billion won.

Looking at the 4Q earnings, the “Black Desert” IP’s stable service accounted for 81% per year. The proportion of PC / console platforms in total sales is 75%. Sales of black desert IP decreased by 5.5% from the previous quarter to W67bn. Eve online also achieved sales of W18.4bn.

The distribution of operating revenue ratio was 67%, and Mobile was 25% and 8% in console sector. In addition, 7.7% increase in operating costs in 4Q09, and labor costs rose by 6.6% YoY. In the fourth quarter, the total number of bises is 1,572, and 983 people, which are 63% of these, are engaged in developing.

Pulse, Bis will continue to launch the Black Desert and Eve Online Live Services in the first half of 2022 and will focus on the launch of the Black Desert Mobile and the new IP marketing of the Black Desert Mobile. The black desert is scheduled to continue to improve classes in the first half of the feedback after the character reboot, and new PVP is also prepared to enhance existing PVP. In addition, to share the development situation since the last Calpeion banquet and updates, we will continue to stream global online streaming.

Eve is scheduled to strengthen China, and is preparing a large CBT for black desert mobile. Last year, the new work, including the Games of Games and TGA, will also be able to communicate as much as possible. Regarding this, the red desert news will be delivered to a fast seal, and we will introduce the game being prepared through preparation and studios for new games that were released from last year.

Purt, Bisuki Woo CFO said, “2022,” I have been leapinging while showing a way to show the preparation of the bis, “” I am expecting a diversification and financial growth of lineups through IP expansion and new work in the Black Desert and Eve. “He said. He also added that it is also striving to feel an amazing experience, not simple response, not simple response, not simple response.

■ Major Quality Response
Q. I would like to proceed with CBT for black desert mobile China launch, how is the procedure after CBT? I am curious about publishers and businesses.

= If the technology test was tested last November, the elite test was to reflect the feedback reflecting the actual content and BM. Test results indicates that the indicators were greatly improved, and the main indicators such as residual rates and payment conversion rates achieved expectation levels.

The CBT and the launch date under the publisher are confirmed. It will be rapidly launched since the CBT was held in the first quarter of the first quarter. I will reward as well as a good performance for a long period of time. As the launch is close, the user expectation is increasing, and the game optimization is also entering the final stage. I will prepare for successful seating by demonstrating a development capability, not a simple regional expansion.

Q. What is black clover and red desert commercial schedule? And I hope to let you know.

= The red desert is developing as an AAA class game that exceeds the world’s leading game with a solid story deployment and immersion. In particular, considering high quality graphics, actions and strikes implemented as a next generation engine, it is expected to have good performance that jumps over competitive. The red desert is preparing for the release of the game and is preparing for the launch. Detailed release schedules will be shared in accordance with public plans. I will be ready for many people to show the best game as much as I expect.

Black Clover Games are being developed in a big game studio with black clover IP games. The development of this game studio has a career that made the previous 3D Cartoon rendering technology with global hits. Black Clover is a hit, which recorded 1,7 million wealth sales based on the first half of 2021, and it is also produced by animation and is attracted to all over the world. The game is expected to be achieved as much as the initial presentation to the IP holder. Future schedules have plans to proceed with FGT in the second quarter, proceeding CBT in the second quarter and plan to proceed with domestic overseas launches during the second half.

Q. I apply the NFT to the NFT, but I am an eve online, which seems to have a news of a metaverse element. What is the overall block chain based P2E strategy?

The game industry is changing rapidly. The value of the content consumption and goods that were limited to the virtual world, and the value created by the user has a sense of the game, and it is an asset. The need to create value while playing the game was also before P2E was soared.

In the early 2000s, E-sports are showing a living, and increasing the occupation through play, such as game streaming, which has increased with smartphone spreading. In this way, it is actively changing to a structure capable of actively participating in a manual figure that simply enjoying a given game with the development of technology.

The block chain technology is expected to accelerate. In the change of changes, we have been considering the possibility of introducing technologies over the past few years. Make sure that you are preparing to communicate step by way of fast seals. We are confident that both our company and CCP Games will be able to build an ecosystem that is a stable block body through a long period of time developing and operating the MMO.

Q. The black desert has increased significantly with a large-scale update, but how much do you have to stay?

= The 4Q09 operating income was maintained in the fourth quarter of the black desert. As shown in the former area, we could see that sales increased with the character reboot and Sacrifice update, which was held at the end of December. In addition, as long as the user indicators rebounded in December, it is expected that it will be able to carry out a period of 1Q11 as long as it continues to continue. The black desert believes that it is a game that has been steadily love for the past 8 years, because it is fun and worthy of black desert only. We will continue to keep this fun and value and make it more loved.

Q. I have been developing new engines recently, but I want to know if I have a separate business plan that I utilized.

= We are preparing a metaverse business based on next-generation engine and business. I believe that the performance of the next generation engine is competitive than the commercialization engine that leads the market, and I think that it is possible to extend beyond the game field. Currently, the development and release of new work are prioritized. The meta bus business that utilizes the next generation engine will be disclosed while looking at the progress of the future.

Q. I want to know what the contribution of other revenues and the contribution of game sales.

= Pulse is about 30 billion in other sales of Vis Capital’s evaluation and disposal profit, and the remainder is based on sound source source and subsidiary sales utilizing IP. Game sales are looking at stabilized steps and are constantly expecting sales.