Animal Crossing: New Horizons Player surprises fans with a house inspired by Harry Potter

Almost two years have passed since animals: new horizons launched in Nintendo Switch, and fanatics are still creating incredible creations of islands. The Reddit HPFAN94 user is no exception, since he shares an impressive Hogwarts-based house, the Harry Potter franchise. The main room of the house is designed to look like the Gryffindor common room, and the other five are based on different areas of Hogwarts, including the kind of potions, transfiguration and more. Surprisingly, HPFAN94 says they only spent about four days in total doing the house (using a little trip in time). This does not have the previous time that passed by improving the house and unlocking the items used.

The RedDit publication can be found embedded below. As expected, the publication has received many compliments in Reddit. Unfortunately, HPFAN94 did not provide a dream address for the location, so Harry Potter’s fans will only have to settle for a look, for the moment!

I made a Harry Potter theme house! from

Crossing animals

Several of the elements used for this compilation were added as part of the 2.0.0 Crossing Update, as well as the Hogar happy paradise DLC. In particular, the exterior of Hogwarts uses the Castle Tower, Castle Gate and Castle Wall elements, all of which are more recent additions. There are also several other intelligent touches. For example, HPFAN94 used flowers instead of feathers in the kind of amulets, because they thought it looked more like the real thing than the real pen. The paintings obtained from REDD also work quite well in the common Gryffindor room.

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It really is surprising to see how fans are still contributing new ideas in _ Crudge of animals: new horizons_. While the series has always encouraged fans to stretch their creative muscles, it seems that New Horizontes has given the players many more options to do precisely that. Unfortunately, the game will not add much more in the coming months, but we hope that players continue to find new ways to use the items that are currently available! Readers interested in finding more creative game concepts can consult all our previous Crossing animal coverage here.

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