Análisis de Horizon Forbidden West

On loins of delirious production values, Horizon claims his place in history with a game that simply does everything well.

The suspension of disbelief is the act by which the viewer voluntarily suppresses him the critical sense of him to accept as certain what from the beginning he knows it is false. All fiction is essentially a representation, a deception, and immersed in it demands from that tacit covenant between the creator and his audience, between whom he stipulates the particular rules of a universe and who accepts without reservations that the platforms of a station can transport you to A private school for sorcerers, that the elves live a thousand years or that Jedi knights can snap the fingers to convince you that those are not the androids you are looking for. No suspension of disbelief there would be no fantasy, and either science fiction, but three quarters of the same happens with those telecomedias in which a group of thirty in unemployment shares a floor in Manhattan overlooking Central Park. Enjoying fiction involves being fooled to a greater or lesser extent, and if I am telling you all this is because Horizon Forbidden West, as it was the first delivery in his day, is a game about robot dinosaurs. And to enjoy a story about robot dinosaurs, it is necessary to put a lot on our part.


Basic information

  • Developer: Games Guerrilla
  • Editor: Sony
  • Platforms: PS5, PS4
  • Proven version: PS5
  • Availability: 02/18/2022

So much that the natural is not to do it. The premise of Horizon is little of a child’s fantasies, from the masculted explosion noises with the mouth and plastic monigots entering the snack time, and it is easy to take it like this: with the healthy lightness of who comes to enjoy With the graphics without paying too much attention to the argumentary pretext that maintains all this futuristic biomechanical safari. Within the exclusive catalog of the Horizon platform has always been partying with some disadvantage for these same reasons; Because it is not, at least in appearance, a desolate reflection on the darkest of the human soul, nor a grandiloquent exploration of paternity through Nordic mythology, and because it does not even share the festive vesimilitude of a transcript of Indiana Jones hunting Treasures all over the world while painting a kind portrait of how fucked it is to become greater. They are the reasons why, I recognize it, I myself approached this sequel as to a minor product. It will be a good game, as it was the first 1. The combat will be better, that good lack, the pyrotechnic show will be the first level, and as for the argument, I thought, will do what I can justify that trip to the west and that pantheon of IAS with which a plot that seemed exhausted He was about to lose the papers in the final third of the original. A guilty pleasure of manual. A recommended book. I have rarely been so satisfied with being wrong, and that is why I am about to break a small personal rule: reveal at the beginning of the text the final rating, a seal that has been turning in golden minute by minute, hour after hour, until it is in A strong forceful and unappealable. For those who want to continue reading, then I will try to explain the reasons.

And I’ll start doing it, talking precisely about your argument, or at least as far as it is sensible to do it. I want to be cautious, and I think it is the best demonstration that what has been armed here in narrative terms is much more than a pretext for Aloy to venture to the west. That new world, that forbidden border, is undoubtedly the engine and the throbbing heart of an adventure with much more than telling what it seems, but as a starting point, it is enough to say that everything starts with a countdown. The planet dies. He dies fast. The crops rot, the rivers are poisoned, and the earth is covered with a pestilent and reddish cloak, of a physical and inexplicable corruption that threatens to devour everything. What began as a simple religious and territorial conflict soon becomes a career for the survival of everything I live, and in his search for an aloy miracle does not take to jump with ghosts from the past and with that badly asleep that sentenced the true End of the original. And that’s when everything starts to climb.

The one will not reveal it, but it is precisely that new scale, that new scope, that new mat in which the bets are incomparably higher, the first point that is for Horizon Forbidden West with which it is undoubtedly one of his Two purest references: Mass Effect 2, the most celebrated title of the Galactic Saga and a game with which it shares a tone, intention and even structure, as we will see later. We will also see why I refer in particular to the second installment, but their knot status has a lot to do here: with the bases already seated and all the presentations forbidden West can, like that, to dedicate their time to explore, to deepen, To work the links and first of all to check if the concept really gave itself. And go that if it does.

And, as, as in the adventure of the reborn Commander Shepard, Forbidden West is a narration with one foot in the present and another, the most important, planted with force in what came first. There are the tribes, there are the ruins, and yes, are the robot dinosaurs, and there are also the why. Forbidden West focuses much more in the past than his predecessor because he has to clear a few questions, but above all because the ambition of him in this baptism of fire as trilogy goes far beyond shooting a few bugs. I would even say you want to convey a message, that there is an intention of complaint beyond the most obvious and friendly ecologism. Examples there are montones (some really obvious; I do not think it takes a lot to squeeze the thoughts to give with the inspiration for illuminated as ted lighthouse), but since the vast majority would be unforgettable spoilers I will just say that with all these mimbres forbidden west build An absorbent plot and above all that you know how to give it an exemplary rhythm, something that is meritorious considering the 55 hours that marked my final chrono. If perhaps it is possible that it flake a little just at the end, in a somewhat run over resolution for which it is up to that suspension of the disbelief that commented at first a little more about the account, and maybe that’s why we are at the point of less inspired by The whole set. But it is not demerit of the script, but the consequence of the absolute triumph of everything that surrounds him: Horizon Forbidden West is an entertaining science fiction story and more than guarade, but above all it is a worldbuilding lesson as few has seen this medium.


Hence, it is tempted to pull topics and write below that the true protagonist is the forbidden west. I will not do it because it is not true, but of course it is lacking. The scenario we transit, its deserts, its meadows, its frozen mountains and its paradisiacal beaches in which the waves break against the remains of defeated skyscrapers are not only a collection of postcards of infarction or the umpteenth demonstration, perhaps the most forceful of all, of the aesthetic potential of nature claiming the concrete its space, but above all it is a world. A credible, cohesive world, a natural and political mapping that tells things with each ruin, each surveillance position and each narrow passage through the mountains. Where others had been content to shake the ideas’ shaker and put at the service of their art director all the possible permutations of the post-ton no ton or are, guerrilla has been concerned that each settlement makes sense, that each large metallic skeleton dried to the sun tells us of those who defeated him, that each convinquery ascending by the framework of a monument to human greed indicates those responsible; that a grove at dusk or an advancement camp feel threatening or not attending to the surrounding tribes. It is complicated to explain, but I guess those who know how to appreciate the difference between the world of Fallout 3 and the world of Fallout New Vegas will know what I mean.

And it is a risky comparison, because neither the title of Bethesda nor of course obsidian could emphasize its representations of the end of the world in a similar technical deployment. I guess this is what many of you have come, so we attack the debate as soon as possible: the Horizon Forbidden West graphics are scandalous. So much, that sometimes it costs to believe them. It is also in its two flavors, because as the game is customary, or at least its version of PlayStation 5, contemplates a performance mode to 60 frames per second and a fidelity mode that aims lower in terms of fluidity in exchange for resolution 4K, but even if it is an unpopular discourse, I ask you, I implore you, that if you have a panel that can bear it, you decrease without hesitation by the latter. Not only because the price to be paid is low and the fluency of Fidelity mode is surprising (especially after the Day One patch, which said step solves some small visual glitches related above all with lighting), but because it would be a blur sin The visual gesture that has managed to forge the study. If Forbidden West is irregular in the technical, it is because it is based on outstanding aspects (the interiors, for example) and others directly photorealists, and personally I still have been obsessed with the face of an old man and with a piece of grass in particular. What a barbarity, what absolute and tremendous show. The only doubt that remains is what could have been, and that robotic elephant in the room that points to its intergenerational character as a possible roof for what is displayed on the screen. In view of the achievement it costs to believe it, but fortunately, the response of the study has to do with something that does not understand generations: its overwhelming, unoperable and almost obsceneous production values.

And is that with the textures of delicious detail and the ridiculously worked modeling we already had (it is a saying, even coming from guerrilla it is hard to see something like that), but if I feel an uncomfortable dot using the word “show” is because the graphics From Horizon Forbidden West obey a more noble goal than mere visual candy. That the game has cost a barbarity of money becomes evident every time you step on a new location (they are worked up to delirium), each time the sun sneaks between the branches of a grove and every time the meticulous design of the armor gives you a different appearance for each damn character of the game, but all this we had seen it before: the really revolutionary, which leaves you with your mouth open and what, let’s say it already, poses a problem of three pairs of balls to all The great studies that pretend to continue publishing adventures of open world after this, it is its way of approaching the capture of movements.

And that way is simply all in. All to red. According to the suicidal interpretation of the guerrilla genre all the characters that populate their world are that, characters, or maybe I should say people. They are real interpreters that lend their appearance, their gestures, their way of moving and gesturing to embodied avatars, and the result is that absolutely all the NPCs, including the most forgetful tradeship of the most irrelevant tertiary mission is moved and speaking and acts as if it were flesh and b1. Elders tanned by the desert, black women with beads on hair, little ones who play with sticks, warlords covered with tattoos. All perfect. Maybe that’s why he recalls the names of him: it’s the frown of Erend, but also the illusion of Morlund when he remembered the grandfather of her, or the visible torment in Dekka’s eyes by warning us about her grandson. They are secondary, but could be Joel. THE. I will not go? Do not make me laugh. And that’s why he talked about a paradigm shift: to excuse me in Ubisoft, but it will be very difficult for me to return to a game about dolls.

And that is why there are no irrelevant tertiary missions. The game marks them like this, as recads, as the type of content you can do without problems, but if that final chrono than I spoke mark a figure so high is because it is damn difficult to do it; Because all this technology is accompanied by a solvency in the narrative and an endeavor in the variety that immediately reminds The Witcher 3, another game that could pass any of its most secondary tasks by the main mission of a more conformistic project. I know it sounds like anathema but the level is that, and it hurts in the soul having to have stepped on the accelerator in the end, because until the Ecuador of the adventure was doing everything. Absolutely everything. Not by professional ethics, not even by an absurd sense of completeness, but because Forbidden West’s response to those titles that mark package budgeting from hundreds of straw hours is to fill up his with stories that matter, with spiritual leaders blinded by superstition, Comedians who know how to win your love and prisoners who should not be. Platinum could not matter less, but I still regret not having had an opportunity to cross with that couple of Utar explorers to which I helped to meet when one of them gave him dead. The interpretation of him, by the way, is one of those who stay in the retina.

I regret less, sure, having found time to immerse myself on the day to day of those new tribes that inhabit the forbidden West and that are the second most important beneficiaries of all that technology and that renewed effort to build a world that deserves worthwhile to visit. Their customs, their vision of reality, their interpretation of a past who only know half are fascinating, especially so they have developer and small bath of humility for the average urbanite: I do not want to lose myself in cheap mysticisms, but their Innocent superstitions usually enclose a type of nobility that it costs to qualify as primitive. Again it is difficult to enter into details without spoiling the experience to anyone, but if there is a find here, if the Tenakth, the Utar or those who are interesting are not only because of their way of seeing the world, but by what they imply for the Aloy’s role; For a prototype of good Samaritana manual that nevertheless here is not only chosen because the game says it, but for a real differentiating point: knowledge. Aloy knows what happened, Aloy knows the true fate of the Humans of the 21st century and the ruin that brought his actions, and of that constant shock between his position and mysticism that surrounds her some of the most valuable reflections and also Best Gags that the game raises: For a priest that reverences the holographic remains of the ancestors, including an obsolete file format can have divine connotations.

But he spoke at the beginning of Mass Effect 2, and also from an even greater beneficiary than the tribes themselves in this matter of the capture of movements. That was a game of characters, an adventure in which the mowers were the least and the song of Mordin about the molluscs was the most, and I am happy to be able to say that Forbidden West, or rather his high schools, his colleagues of arms, My friends, have managed to earn a hole of the same size in my heart. His weapons are similar, and for that, although there are more immediate references (the structure, certain details of the argument, the existence of a base, even a kind of loyalty missions of each character) I prefer to focus on the small: in his way to work the intrascendent conversation, in the worldly and warm dialogues that we hear when traveling at the base, in the chascarrillo and the anecdote. In characters like Kotallo, a lord of the war broken out and inside, or in the serene wisdom of Zo. And in the surprises. Woof. Again I would like to talk much more about the reasonable, but at least stay with this: in Forbidden West you can also go back to the base between mission and mission to comment on the play with each crew member, which in my fan club of Garrus Vakarian we love “La Putivuelta” affectionately. Wonderful.

So much, it could even sustain the weight of the whole game on its own. Nor would it be the first time: I hope not to lift blisters with this, but both the Mass Effect 2 itself and the adventures of Gerardo Magias are living evidence that a solvent script and a category worldbuilding can convert into myths to adventures rather just like Purely mechanical terms, and I guess that’s why we all content ourselves with the hunts of a Zero Dawn who just pointed ways. Forbidden West was enough for him to fulfill, but this is not the imprecise shootings of Shepard or the Raplón Combat of the Witcher. And it’s time to talk about the second large reference: on the ground, with the stretch bow, a pair of traps stretched with intelligence and a metallic mole of several tons loading towards our elevated position, Forbidden West is at least so good Monster Hunter as Monster Hunter World himself.

Reasons are montones, but the most obvious focusing on Aloy is a combat system that has been polished to the end at half and long distance and that directly ridicules the first installment when it touches take off the spear. In this last terrain, in that of the body to body, Zero Dawn’s timid combinations have left a system of charged attacks, combos, link movements, dodging and aerial continuations that is not only allowed the audacity to deal with you A You to Bayonetta with the introduction of what in my Hideki Kamiya fan club we call “La Paradiña” (that is, the introduction of a small pause in the normal cadence of the combo that alters the final movement), but experiment with concepts New as overload, a halo of energy that marks the rivals after a good tunday and that can be detonated with an accurate arrow.

However, the real party is still in the projectiles, and in a more dizzy arsenal than ever that on this occasion borrow from another incunable as Breath of the Wild to raise the most emerging hunts that the saga has ever seen. Those responsible are their elementary weapons, a rereading of altered states of a lifetime that in addition to contemplating the classic weaknesses and strengths (the diggers are resistant to plasma, the alasoles lead fatal damage by fire, that kind of thing), has Synergy as the only religion and implements such physical and satisfactory interactions such as melting reinforcements to subsequently apply impact harm or soak the victim to maximize the effectiveness of electrical attacks. Now imagine all this running at suicidal speed, surrounded by an overwhelming bestiary full of creatures with moving parts that fancy studying, because a well-calculated extraction arrow can detach the catch full of resources from a crab or deactivate the most dangerous attack of the spectra.

Because we can detach weathered weapons to use them ourselves, or use sticky tirachins to slow down the enemies, or fire acid to a protrusion of the same element to trigger a chain reaction that ends up with an impossible packing. And that’s not talking about the dizzy skill tree, of the new wave surge that unblock absolutely demolition buffs, from the up to three special attacks of each kind of weapon…

However, we can even obviate combat completely and specialize in hacking wild machines not only to use them as a mount (yes, also wings), but to launch them against the enemy using a special type of marker ammunition. Have I mentioned since the crafteo has suffered a brutal redesign, which is now a system of improvements for weapons and crimes, and that it is perfectly possible to spend hours looking for that reptivorous fang that you need for the gelled level of level five? Do you see why I was talking about Monster Hunter? The campaign is very long, but Horizon Forbidden West is an infinite game.

It is also a game that does it practically everything well, or at least much better than most of its gender peers. Pointing has always been ugly, but I can only think of a handful of open worlds that did not have to go down to face something like that, and even those chosen ones cost me less to get off defects. It is possible that Forbidden West is not as ambitious as GTA V, that his writing is not as bright as that of The Witcher 3 or who does not have the immense class of a Red Dead Redemption 2, and it is certainly true that all those masterpieces They have higher points, but also more obvious blots. Forbidden West is solidity, it is regularity, and above all it is heart and desire, and beyond comparisons I think it is undoubtedly that with this blow on the table it has earned a place right there, on the table of the elders. And do not tell me why, but I do not feel like taking their premise to take a joke anymore. I guess you’ll have to see again with the suspension of disbelief: What about the robot dinosaurs has a pass, but what these people have achieved is to not believe it.