Marco Tire Scheidt extended at SF Eisbachtal

Sanajumalanpalvelus ja päiväjuhla Utajärven kirkossa 13.2.2022 klo 10
The good news at the Eisbachtal sports friends do not tear off. Shortly after the announcement of the International Double Transfers of Shuip Hismani and Takuya Kakui, the club has now taken care of clarity on the coach bank. The coaching team Marco Tire Scheidt and Paul Lauer will also be in the coming season at the sideline of the traditional club from Nentershausen. The sporting officers of the association and the duo were involved after several talks last. For Marco Tire Scheidt, it is already in the seventh season as responsible coach in his home club, for his co-trainer Paul Lauer, who had initially pushed in 2018 as a player to the sports friends, it is from summer the fourth season at the side line.

If it goes according to the sporting officers of the Oberliglist, then a few more years may happen. “We are very satisfied with the work that Marco and Paul show. Especially in the current season we also see as a club a sporting development of the Oberligateam, which makes you want more. Our philosophy will also integrate your own, gambling talent By no way too short. Therefore, we are glad that both will be back at the sideline in the coming season and want to develop our ambitious team, “says Eisbachtal’s sporting director Patrick’s tailfish over the commitment of coaches and co-trainers.

For Marco Tire Scheidt, who was only a few weeks ago from private reasons of Limburg to Wiesbaden, but the contract extension was not a self-runner due to higher travel times. “Due to the change of residence, that was not self-evident for me. However, I felt early that the club wants to continue planning with us and wants to give us confidence. Eisbachtal is an absolutely exciting project. It turns everywhere it turns the club for the future Better to set up. This is what makes the charm of this task, “explains coach Marco tailfish.