Handball EM: Germany vs. Sweden now in the live ticker

The German national team today meets Sweden at Handball EM. The third game in the main round is here in the live ticker.

The German handball national team stands with only two points after three games in the fourth place of group II. With a victory, however, the Germans would equal with Sweden and would have direct comparison on his side. You can follow the entire game here in the live ticker.

Handball EM: Germany vs. Sweden now in the live ticker – the score

Minute Germany Sweden
31 10 12

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Handball EM: Germany vs. Sweden now in the Liveticker – 10:12

31. | The second pass in Bratislava is running! If the DHB selection does not win this game, then the dream of the EM semifinals is finally ended.

31. | Start 2nd half

Handball EM: Germany vs. Sweden now in Liveticker – Start 2nd half

Conclusion | In a competitive game, Germany holds the connection against Sweden and lies back to the break only with 10:12! After a relatively balanced initial phase, both teams lost the thread in the offensive and allows numerous ball losses. Although the Scandinvaier could not achieve a hit in between over nine minutes, the team of national coach Alfeeð Gislason ran the residue almost over the entire halftime. Best scorer is so far Julian Köster with three scorers, for the Swedes, left outside Hampus tub also turned on three times.

Handball EM: Germany vs. Sweden now in the Livetick – Pause!

end 1st half

30. | Gate for Sweden, 10:12 by Felix Claar

30. | Gate for Germany, 10:11 by Fabian Wiede. Fabian Wiede picks up from the back of the back and nails the leather in the left corner.

29. | 2 minutes for Jonathan Carlsbogard (Sweden). Jonathan Carlsbogard clearly clears John Golla out of the way and says goodbye to the bench for two minutes.

28. | Strong! Torkeeper Daniel Rebmann inserts with a parade against the back-shooter Felix Claar.

27. | Johannes Bitter was not a factor yet and therefore shows himself that Daniel Rebmann should now try his luck.

26. | Gate for Sweden, 9:11 by Lukas Sandell. Lukas Sandell is on the right and throw the ball into the right corner.

25. | Gate for Germany, 9:10 by Johannes Golla. Despite great distress, John Golla brings the ball short distance in the box.

24. | Gate for Germany, 8:10 by Julian Köster. From the movement Julian Köster from the center of eight meters the hits of Eric Johansson.

24. | Tor for Sweden, 7:10 by Eric Johansson

23. | After a ticket from Lukas Sandell Johannes Bitter enters full risk, but makes a mistake.

22. | Gate for Germany, 7: 9 by Patrick Wiencek. Circular Leader Patrick Wienerkek bugs the ball after presentation of Julian Köster in the right corner.

22. | Timeout Germany! Due to the loading in the offensive, ALFREð Gislason uses its first time-out. Meanwhile, Paul Drux is preparing for his first use this evening.

22. | Gate for Sweden, 6: 9 by Hampus tub. Hampus tub enlarges the upholstery of his troupe in the counterstaff on three goals.

21. | Gate for Sweden, 6: 8 by Hampus tub. After about nine minutes, Hampus tub achieves a hit for the Scandinavians by seven times.

19. | In the next attack, Lukas Sandell undergoes another ball loss in the right back room, but again the team of ALFREð Gislason can not benefit from it.

18. | Lukas Sandell causes a turnover to the Sweden, but Hendrik Wagner can not use the possibility to compensate in the following second wave.

17. | Tor for Germany, 6: 7 by Hendrik Wagner. A beautiful single action in the center gives the debutant Hendrik Wagner his first goal in the tournament.

17. | Both offensive rows are just faulty, even Valter Chrinz awards a weak and free conclusion.

16. | Also from the back of Jonathan Carlsbogard pulls the shorter against John Bitter.

15. | Andreas Palicka makes the door against an unplaced sweep of Fabian Wiede.

15. | The Swedish defensive has cashed in the first five games of this EM only 118 goals and is not easy to crack. A cut of 23.6 goals per game represents the second lowest quota throughout the competition.

14. | Tor for Germany, 5: 7 Due to Lukas. Instead, Luke worried little later in the hits in tempo.

13. | 7-meter rejected by Tobias Reichmann (Germany) In Sweden Tobias Thulin moves for a seven meters between the posts and parried immediately against Tobias Reichmann.

12. | Goal for Sweden, 4: 7 by Albin Lagergren

11. | In return, it does not also creates Rune Dahmke to accommodate the ball in the box but hits the left post.

11. | Johannes Bitter clenches his fist! The German goalkeeper celebrates against Hampus tub finally got his first parade in the match.

10. | 2 minutes for Patrick Wiencek (Germany). Patrick Wiencek fetch them for bumping against Albin Lagergren the first time penalty of the encounter.

10. | Goal for Sweden, 3: 6 by Valter Chrintz. From Right Wing Valter Chrintz jumps into the circle and throws the ball into the near post.

9. | Goal for Sweden, 3: 6 by Valter Chrintz. From Right Wing Valter Chrintz jumps into the circle and throws the ball into the near post.

8th. | From the left, Philipp Weber has some bad luck and fails by shock throw on the crossbar.

7. | The key players in the Skandivaniern is of course Jim Gottfridsson who designed the game before the SG Flensburg-Handewitt in the central backcourt.

6. | Goal for Germany, 3: 5 by Tobias Reichmann. On the opposite side Tobias Reichmann pulls from the seven-meter line.

6. | Goal for Sweden, 2: 5 by Hampus tub. confidently used to throw Hampus trough the first seven meters of this section in the box.

6. | andreas palicka that starts box in the Swedish case, a charge against Fabian restart his first action.

5. | Goal for Sweden, 2: 4 by Jim Gottfridsson. Again Jim Gottfridsson can overcome from nine meters Johannes Bitter.

4. | Goal for Sweden, 2: 3 by Oscar Bergdahl. At the county Oscar Bergdahl can use a nice intro by Jim Gottfridsson.

3. | Goal for Germany, 2: 2 by Julian Koster ****

3. | goal for Sweden, 1: 2 by Jim Gottfridsson. A distance throw from Jim Gottfridsson suggests accurately at right Kreuzeck 1.

2. | Goal for Germany, 1: 1 by Julian Koster. Julian Koster strikes from a distance and brings the DHB selection thus also at the scoreboard.

2. | **** Alfreð Gislason sends on the offensive at the beginning Rune Dahmke, Julian Koster, Philipp Weber, Fabian restart, Luke Zerbe and Captain John Golla to the plate. Johannes Bitter starts between the posts.

1. | goal for Sweden, 0: 1 by Albin Lagergren. Albin Lagergren opened the scoring with a successful throw from the backcourt.

1. | Let’s go in Bratislava – the German handball team are aiming against Sweden their first win in the main round in!

1. | Beginning

Handball EC: Germany vs. Sweden today in the Live Ticker – Before the start

Before the start: The inlet ceremony is already in full swing and in a few moments, the national anthems are sound. the game of Arthur Brunner and Morad Salah, a referees from Switzerland is headed.

Before the start: Unlike the last game have been infected with Sebastian Firnhaber and Christoph Steinert two other players with the coronavirus and missing the DHB squad. At the same time have both Luca Witzke and Luke Mertens, who are also in quarantine, go on their way home. By contrast, Hendrik Wagner has a test from the second division in Ludwigshafen and is the first time there.

Before the start: The Swedes are striving, winning the confidence of the next success. ‘We have completed the first round in second place and put no point in the main round. This means that all four games to win must if one wants to move into the semi-finals. Now we had two games in two days and have four points on the board. On Sunday, we encounter a really strong German team. They had many changes, but they still have top stars from the Bundesliga. A favorite for this game, there are nicht’ Left Wing Hampus tub explained.

Before the start: Alfreð Gislason but recalled that reaching the semifinal already was considered a difficult task even before the start of the tournament. ‘We have not talked about the semi-finals, even though we had our full squad. Our goal was to move into the main round, now we have lost two games against top teams. These games were important for our team to learn for the future. On Sunday against Sweden we are not the favorite, but we still play on victory ‘, said the DHB coach.

Before starting: **** according to the two significant defeats against Spain (23:29) and Norway (23:28), the German team in the fight for the move to the semi-finals may not allow another slip to the minimum chance to keep on the progress. The DHB selection is currently ranking with two points only in fourth place. On the other hand, Sweden was able to develop a good starting position against Russia (29:23) as well as Poland (28:18) and is now equal to the secondary-placed Norwegians.

Before starting: “The story looks a bit crazy, but we can not discuss them away,” Kromer supplemented, but stressed: “We have to take note of this and have now been a team that is still powerful. No players will nominate at the moment. “

Before starting: The DHB had already had to report on Saturday his Corona Falls 12 and 13 since the beginning of the tournament, were tested positive as Sebastian Firach and Christoph Steinert. “We had the hope that after four tests without positive findings, the hope that now no new cases have to come up and we only have to rate athletic, who slips into the squad,” said DHB sports director Axel Kromer the sid.

Before starting: Welcome to the Livetick Germany vs. Sweden at the Handball EM! The game starts at 6 pm in the Ondrej Neela Area in Bratislava.

Handball EM: Germany vs. Sweden today in the TV and Livestream

ARD shows Germany vs. Sweden at the Handball EM today live and full length in the Free TV. The coverage begins there at 5:45 pm with commentator Florian Naß and the former national team Dominik Klein.

The transfer of the public service channel can also be received in the free livestream of the sports show.

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Handball: The table in Group II before Germany vs. Sweden

Pl. | Country | Games | S | U | N | Goals | Diff. | Points

Germany vs Sweden | Highlights | Men's EHF EURO 2022

1. | Spain | 3 | 3 | 0 | 0 | 87: 76 | +11 | 6
2. | Norway | 3 | 2 | 0 | 1 | 92: 77 | +15 | 4
3. | Sweden | 3 | 2 | 0 | 1 | 85: 73 | + 12 | 4
4. | Germany | 3 | 1 | 0 | 2 | 76: 80 | – 4 | 2
5. | Russia | 3 | 1 | 0 | 2 | 71: 77 | -6 | 2
6. | Poland | 3 | 0 | 0 | 3 | 72: 100 | -28 | 0