Does Rodgers leave the packers? “I will take time”

In the last 30 years, the packers have been pampered on the quarterback position: Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers, these have been the two starters in the youngest three decades. Two big NFL caliber, which has already taken one in the Hall of Fame, the other in the future certainly that Green Bay each has introduced a super-bowl victory.

But it would not have to be called the quality of the two playmakers: NUR a super-bowl victory?

Finally, the two throw-scale quarterbacks can always be raised over every doubt – especially from Rodgers, who has allowed themselves in his entire career in 213 Regular Season games in addition to 449 touchdown passports only 93 interceptions. And yet “A-Rod” is also liable to a certain curse, a play-off curse. Because since his 31: 25 finals over the Pittsburgh Steelers in February 2011, it has no longer worked with another big litter despite nine final sales have since.

According to the quarrels of the previous year, it could actually come to the Packers farewell towards another team. Rodgers’ contract runs 2023, only in this offseason Green Bay could get a counterpart for the star quarterback at a trade.

Rodgers clear: “I do not want to be part of a reconstruction”

Immediately after the unexpected play-off bankride Green Bays in the home game against the San Francisco 49ers last weekend, the debate has been launched for the future of the quarterback star in US television and social networks – have the pictures from the Lambeau Field Delivered the right frame. Because in the middle of snowforing at double-digit minus degrees of the 38-year-old football professional after the bitter 10:13 slowly from the field, several times the spectators looked at the legendary stadium and said goodbye with his typical rocker greeting before disappearing in the tunnel. The fact that he did that after 17 years actually for the last time in a jersey of the traditional team from Wisconsin, is not as unlikely as it sounds.

“I’ll take time and talk to the people here, then take time and gain distance and make a decision before the Free Agency begins,” says Rodgers still on Saturday night (local time) when he with black cap on his head For the time being the last press conference with the packers gave. His core message: “I do not want to be part of a reconstruction when I continue to play.” If he does not see a chance for the next season a chance for the next season, it has been that. From the point of view of Packers Trainer Matt Lafleur, the thing is clear: “We certainly want him here again. We would be crazy, if not.”

“There will be many decisions to make”

But some contracts of important players run at “The Pack”, the scope of management is limited by the salary upper limit in the NFL. At Star-Receiver Davante Adams, the Packers theoretically draw the franchise day, with other professionals, it is not that easy. The future of Equanimeous St. Brown at the Packers is open, the contract of the German-American ends after four years.

“There will be many choices to make, many players whose future is unclear. It will be interesting to see in which direction some of these decisions fail,” says Rodgers. “I’ll talk to Brian (Adult art, General Manager; anm.d.red.), next week or so, get a little more clarity, think about my own future and how much longer I want to do that.”

How good is the relationship?

Relevant in all this will be: The relationship of the packers with Rodgers was disturbed in the recent past so several times. Although the quarterback said on Saturday, his relationship with manager’s introduced art improved last year – but that does not mean that it is flawless and without criticism.

Since the cheese stadtes in the Draft 2020 have decided at the first opportunity for the young quarterback Jordan Love instead of a potential valuable helper for Rodgers in attack, there are atmospheric disorders. They went so far that Rodgers left open for weeks before this season, to play for the team or to stop or switch. And that, after only in the season for the third time the most valuable player of the NFL had been chosen.

Two sporty outstanding NFL quarterbacks of the Green Bay Packers – but each “only” with a ring provided: Brett Favre (Li.) And Aaron Rodgers. Getty Images

And then there is still the matter with the corona vaccine that Rodgers refuses to be one of the very few NFL professionals. When it became clear in the fall that he did not vaccinate against the virus, the public indignation of those around Bayern-Profi Joshua Kimmich in Germany was many times overstood – because the people of Rodgers smoothed smoothly. Because in August he replied to a reporter question after his vaccination status replied: “Yes, I am immunized.”

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Due to its infection with the virus, the playmaker has meanwhile even missed a major running game – and after its own statement with an alternative, homeopath treatment method in Canada against the virus “immunized”. Rodgers’ popularity has inflicted the serious damage – Hemish comments in social network included.

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And then there is still the fact that Rodgers not only for over ten years of his goal from the second ring, but at the same time can not win in the play-offs against the 49ers. The current bankruptcy was already number four at four attempts – and against the franchise, which had not chosen the quarterback in the draft 2005 against his and general expectation.