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Announced the Roadmap for 2022 by Microsoft Flight Simulator

Developer Q&A Twitch Series: January 26th, 2022
Microsoft and Asobio Studio have detailed the route form for the development of Microsoft Flight Simulator throughout this year 2022.

Among the large novelties planned are the inclusion of historical aircraft and helicopters. The first of the aircraft will be the FOkker FVII, and later the Southern Cross, the first aircraft in carrying out a transpacific flight will be included. Helicopters, on the other hand, had been added by the community of modders, but with its official implementation there will be more realistic physics and official licenses.

Regarding the World Updates, in which the scenarios are improved, the World Update 7 will be available today, corresponding to Australia. The next will be that of the Iberian Peninsula, with which we can expect improvements in the representation of our country, in more detail and some of the most emblematic monuments.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is available exclusively for PC and Xbox Series X / S, being included in the Microsoft Xbox Game Pass Subscription Service catalog for both platforms.