WORMATIA WORMS: Ex-professional Martin Röser must stop

Martin Röser and Wormatia Worms, this connection promised something big in the summer of 2021, but half a year later, the common way ends, forced. At the beginning of the season, the former second and third league professional was able to deny two games for Wormatia Worms, then the Achilles tendon problems were so violently that Röser was first out. From this it has now become a permanent state, because after visiting specialists and hard rehab training, the pain after the first units in the team training have returned.

Therefore, the 31-year-old turns to the fans in a message of the association with bitter words: “Unfortunately, my body does not matter anymore and the permanent pain does not give you a football game more. Heavy heart I have to tell you that I have the responsible persons of the Wormatia have asked for contract resolution. “

Wormatia Worms: Das Wort zum Fussball
The agreed, but complain of the same breath but a “big athletic such as human loss for the Oberligamanism”. From a return to the beginnings – Röser played at the beginning of his career from 2010 to the end of January 2013 in the Regionalliga for the Wormatia – has become a sporty terminus. Röser: “The return to Wormatia was also a bit far the return to the roots for me; I have collected my first experiences in professional football and, among other things, beautiful memories of the common football festival in the DFB Cup. All the heavier falls it Now me to hang the football boots on the nail. “