Gladbach Boss defends itself against allegations in the case Max Eberl

Borussia Mönchengladbach President Rolf King has defended himself against criticism to deal with the resignation of Max Eberl insensitive.

“I’m sure I was understood differently when I meant. What I wanted to express: we are sad that Max Eberl leaves us after all these years, we hurt us, we tried months to get a bridge to him Building; But of course we respect his decision that it is not possible for him for him, “explained the Gladbach boss to” picture “.

Königs had apparently said at the press conference, on the Eberl under tears his farewell to Borussia, apparently without compassion: “We tried to turn it over. We have respected his decision, not accepted.”

harsh criticism of ex-Gladbach-Profi Stefan Effenberg

Among other things, the former Gladbach-Profi Stefan Effenberg had criticized the million heavy entrepreneur thereafter. “These statements are catastrophic. Actually, such a man in such a leadership position has lost nothing when he deals with humans,” said the former national player at “Stefan Effenberg1”. King’s statement had been “catastrophic” and “completely in the wrong direction”.

The club boss had “apparently not understood how to deal with such things. From a man of his age with his life experience, I would have thought and expected something else.”

Gladbach is Max Eberl “always grateful”

Gladbach-Boss in Causa Eberl
King’s stressed, he had contacted Eberl after the PK and will stay in touch with the longtime Stefan Effenbergs director of the Gladbacher.

“We have seen each other and passed away from each other. Max Eberl has done an incredible for Borussia, but we are always grateful for Borussia, and all the Borussians are grateful. Our relationship is not clouded by his decision,” said the 80-year-old.