Activision Public Aggressive Message against unionization

Last week it was announced that Activision Blizzard had completely rejected the idea of ​​the new union composed of some employees of Raven Software. Basically, Activision told them that they were not willing to recognize Officially, this union unless all employees were involved, and now they have shared an aggressive message against these workers.

Via the Slack channel of the company, Chris Arends , vice president of Quality Assurance within Activision , published a message dedicated to all those employees who were in favor of the unionization, basically pointing out all the negative points that these actions could have. Next, an extract of said communiqué:

“It is true that the union will protect employees and provide employees with job security?

Labor security here at Activision Blizzard falls on our ability to produce epic entertainment content for our fans. A union does not do anything to help us produce world class games, and the problem solving process is commonly not rapid, reducing flexibility, and can generate a bad image. All this impacts our ability to continue creating great games. Although many unionization contracts include a clouse of “just cause”, this is actually just another way of dealing with disciplinary problems. Even union opponents with “just cause” and due processes allow companies to comply with disciplinary rules, and even with these alleged protections, employees remain dismissed.

Activision Blizzard Caught After Someone Makes Union Busting Message Public

How do you compare to deal with a union unlike a direct relationship with the company in terms of changes for an individual employee?

In a direct relationship model, where you and the company share the same goal, it is easy to reach a resolution, and the company can make changes quickly. In a union model, these changes can only be carried out quickly when the union has exactly the same goal without considering additional others. They usually spend months or years to reach a collective agreement. A unionized company can not make rapid changes on your own if the union does not agree with them. In both situations, the company has the right not to agree and maintain a different position. “

Evidently, the intention of Activision Blizzard with this communiqué is to prevent at all costs that the issue of unionization is spread even more. However, considering how the situation is currently, it was to be expected that this information was to be made public, which does not paint well for executives.

Editor’s note: I think Activision Blizzard is certainly not dealing with the situation as well as they should. A union could provide many benefits for workers, although legally speaking is quite complicated for large companies. The situation will continue to evolve in the coming days, or even months, so armate with patience to its possible resolution.