Charm of a car that connects the generation, Gran Turismo 7

Representative Racing Games of Playstations ‘Gran Turismo’ series, “Gran Turismo 7″ is officially released on March 4th. This new work is the 14th title of the Gran Turismo series, and a commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the series.

The Gran Turismo series is a series of “driving simulators” designed to deliver a similar experience with actual driving than racing games. The latest Gran Turismo 7 is also focused on realistic racing experience, and it was developed as a title that allows you to give a lot of fun to a variety of these, including racers, casual racers, collectors, tuning mania, livery designers and photographers..

Ahead of the formal launch of the forward a month, the Polyphonie Digital Yama Uchi Kazunori Director was a new factor of “Gran Turismo 7”, and the new factor that could not be seen in the last series, the media briefing that introduces one of them.

Yama Uchi producers first introduced the reason they have to keep the “Gran Turismo” series at this point. He has been reducing the culture, beauty of the car for the past 25 years, and the environment where the fun of the fun of Driving is getting reduced, and it is to deliver the charm and culture of the car, one of the greatest cartions of mankind, “Gran Turismo 7 I explained the presence of the presence. Even if there is no basic knowledge of the premise, it is a direction of gran Turismo 7, even if there is no basic knowledge, and to make a pleasure that is attracted to the charm of the car, manipulating, own, and tuning it directly.

In this new work, it is the World Map that came back to the eyes first. The player can see all the content that can be seen in Gran Turismo 7 at a glance on the World Map. Yama Uchi producer explained that when Gran Turismo 7 was summarized in a word, it can be called a ‘car life simulator’, and a variety of functions have made a variety of functions that made a resort-type car sandbox world. To summarize the elements that can be experienced in the sandbox world of Gran Turismo 7, follow these steps:

Gran Turismo 7 : Customization, Car Dealers, Game Modes & More!! (GT7 Gameplay)

\ – Car Physical Simulation Engine
\ – Physical Based Graphics Engine
\ – Time / Weather / Floor change simulation
\ – Online Lobby and 1: 1 Matching System
\ – Replay Engine
\ – Tuning system
\ – In-game content production and shareing system

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