Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy points to the month of September: this would be his release date

If the launch of Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy in 2022 has been recently confirmed by several official sources, we still do not have an official launch date of this adventure at the end of the 19th century in Hogwarts.

However, new rumors have just relieved the matter a little. It seems that triple AAA developed by Avalanche Software will be launched September 1 of this year.

An editor reveals the release date of your Official Game Art Book

The rumor originated for the first time by the filter @accngt on Twitter, who is known by the correct revelations of him about Star Wars Eclipse. The latter indicated that in February / March a new trailer of the game for Hogwarts Legacy would be available and that would focus on combat, skills and some multiplayer elements. He also indicates that a launch was planned for September. Information that would seem to be confirmed thanks to an editor.

The book of Official Art of Insight Editions would have its release date for on September 6, 2022. Whether in the world of cinema or video games, a book of this kind is not launched before From the real release of the film or the game. So it seems that Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy will be available on September 1, but we must expect official confirmation.

From now on, we will have to wait until the famous trailer that everyone expects. Other rumors take us to imagine that you could soon take place an state of play dedicated to Hogwarts Legacy , as was the case of Gran Turismo 7 or even Ghostwire Tokyo.

We must also take into account the planning of Warner Bros. Games and the latest rumors about one more than possible suicide delay squad until 2023.