Steam Deck: Appointment for Gaming PC in the Switch

It sounds a prominent: a gaming handheld, which is visually roughly reminiscent of Nintendo’s Switch, but so much steam under the hood has that even current PC games run smoothly on it. Exactly this feat wants developer Valve to accomplish with the Steam Deck. The demand is expected to be large, many gamers and gamers have already reserved their specimen. Stupid only: So far, Valve could not deliver. The global lack of semiconductors made the operator of the platform steam a dash through the bill. The company originally planned for the end of 2021 could not comply with the company. But waiting will soon have an end – at least for some.

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Steam deck for now only with reservation

As Valve announces in a current blog post, the sale of the Steam Deck will officially start on 25 February 2022. In euphoria, however, they should only expire when they belong to those who have reserved the device without hesitation against deposit. The available quota seems to be strongly limited. Only a selection of customers will receive the option to order their device for sales. At 19 o’clock German time, Valve sent on the release tag invitations by e-mail to all users entitled to order. They then have 72 hours to perform their orders. Which does not take place, the chance is offset and the next in the waiting list gets the opportunity to complain.

No free selection

Important: The Steam Deck is available in three equipment variants. But you can only order the version that you specified in your reservation. The shipping of the mobile Daddelkists takes place according to Valve on February 28, 2022. After that it should give weekly new quotas so that Valve can gradually process all reservations. According to official information, this happens in exactly the order in which they were abandoned. How big the respective supplies are is not known. Standing is: Who is only now his reservation, may order the Steam Deck at the earliest in the second quarter 2022.