Avoid the impact game “UNPACKING Unpacking” developer and attention as a mimicking work exists. Copy in just three months from delivery, and developers are also indignated

Developer Witch Beam was alerting a fan as a game app that mimics the puzzle game UNPACKING, which mimics the puzzle game UNPACKING that the studio was delivered on November 25 on January 25.

UNPACKING is a puzzle game that has a packed ship in a new house. Removing items from the cardboard box and places it in the appropriate place of each room. It is a work that has been very highly evaluated by the abundance of the item and the degree of freedom of placement, the degree of freedom of placement, and the story that can be felt from the item.

Development source Witch Beam may have seen a game ad similar to UNPACKING in a mobile environment, but it is not a work we worked. About the work, it seems that there were quite a lot of advertisements such as TikTok, and reported from fans who noted that they notified were reported to the same studio. And such imitation works have existed so far, but this time it was a situation that has been raised to the top at the ranking of the app store.

The work of the problem is the game app called UNPACKING MASTER. For iOS / Android, it seems that free delivery (with advertisement) started this January this year. The game content is that it will take out items one after another from the cardboard box and place it in the room that is a stage. A place to be placed for each item is set, and everything is cleared correctly if it is cleared, and it will advance to the next stage.

Such game play is quite similar to UNPACKING. At the isometric perspective, the same stage expression is likely to float in space. Furthermore, as shown in the top tweet, depending on the stage, it is exactly that the room configuration and the type and arrangement of furniture is exactly, UNPACKING MASTER is a mistake to be produced from UNPACKING It will not be.

UNPACKING MASTER is delivered from the publisher called GAMES, and the developer is represented as [IN] & ALEX LIN. The details of [IN] are unknown, but Alex Lin may be Russian indie developer Alexander Lin. He is known for the establishment of Holywatergames as a game designer, and has been known for handling the Feed Me Oil series, and in recent years, Games offers multiple works. However, at the moment UNPACKING MASTER is not listed in the portfolio, it is unknown whether it is actually involved.

Say games is a publisher that is developing around the so-called hyperplane game. Hyper Casual Games have a casual game that adopts a business model that utilizes the ad network, with a user’s influx by advertising and earning earnings with ads. Even in UNPACKING MASTER, many advertisements were hit, so this problem was discovered.

In the same work, the US App Store is now ranked at the time of the free app ranking at this time. It is popular with TikTok, YouTube Instagram. Development of UNPACKING is located 4 in the local Australia and the United Kingdom of Witch Beam. Also in Google Play, it has a high ranking in the United States. By the way, it seems that it has not been focused too much in Japan.

For UNPACKING MASTER that has gained such popularity, Witch Beam’s Art Director Designer Wren Brier has an angry. The same work pointed out that Mary part is round part from the layout of the entire room of UNPACKING to individual items. In addition, the same studio is also supposed to be copied from a few years as a small indie studio. Furthermore, although successful in UNPACKING is successful, it is also extinguished as a margin to track and handle the imitation work at any time.

In the mobile game, in the mobile game, it occurs when an application that mimics the popularity is viewed. For example, Voodoo, a top company of the hypercaped game, which has been described above, is a Ridiculous Fishing style The Fish Master! And Infinite Golf of the Desert Golfing style, and crossed criticism rice field.

In addition, even in the popular work Hole.IO of the company, I pointed out that I was able to steal the idea of ​​ Donut County that Mr. Ben Esposito, which Indie Developer Ben Esposito worked. Hole.IO was released before completing the Donut County that has been attracting attention from during development (Related Articles). In these backgrounds, the game’s ideas themselves are generally considered to be subject to protection of copyright law, and it seems that it is difficult to prevent the appearance of clone games.

Compared with UNPACKING and UNPACKING MASTER, basic concepts and game plays can be said to be almost the same. However, the sound when putting the item is different from different points, and the storytelling to feel the life of the residents, and the stuffed packed construction and depth is an impressive impression that does not reach the main house (related articles).

However, in the user review of UNPACKING MASTER in the store, comments have been made to see the play of the famous distributor. It seems that the mischievous user was also born because the deliverer was actually playing UNPACKING. Such situations may also lead to an incorrect reputation for Witch Beam.


At the time of writing this paper, the IOS version of Unpacking Master is in a state where the store is displayed but not available. Since the last Wren Brier does not know the circumstances, it does not mean dealing with Witch Beam, but it may have been sent from the user some report to Apple. Alternatively, Source Games may also have a voluntary possibility. However, at the moment, no statement, etc.

UNPACKING, which is the home, is being delivered for PC (Steam / Humble Store / Microsoft Store) / Nintendo Switch / Xbox One. It is also provided for Xbox Game Pass.