Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel: humiliations in the first shift who endanger the game

Set Kaaba had everything under control . He knew that the deck of him was powerful, especially for that white dragon of blue eyes, and that boy called Yuri had nothing to do against him. However, that little pointy-haired boy managed to gather five cards, the extremities of exotic , and achieved victory by invoking an arcane power from Ancient Egypt.

We all know that story, because it is what we are told in the first chapters of the anime of Yu-Gi-Oh! And the first pages of the sleeve. The first dramatic rotation of the series occurs neither more nor less than with a combo. And now they seem to be infinite combos those who are leaking the experience of players within Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel.

What would you do if your rival does this in the first turn?

The upper video, extracted from the Twitter @ the Progenitor1 account, has become viral in the last hours. Published about three days ago, it has reached the more than 3000 RT if we add the direct ones as those cited. The reason is that it shows something that exists within the newly opened new game of the collectible card franchise; And they are the infinite combos that can earn games from the first shift.

We will not bore you with the description of what the player does, but it is necessary to talk about that this is neither a trick nor a bug. The victories in a turn, or OK as they are called in English (One Turn Kill), take present at Yu-Gi-Oh! Practically from always. Your mallet must be made of a concrete way to look for this strategy as fast and consistently as possible.

Yu-Gi-Oh! It has a long history of Otis

There are lists of prohibited letters in official tournaments, in which they are playing like SubstyToad that made the combo possible with MASS DRIVER and ronintoadin . But in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel continue to exist combos OK like the video.

There is a major problem with this type of strategy, since when the combo is feasible, reproducible and possible from the first turn, there is no possibility that the rival can respond. Al no existence counterplay, it becomes Yu-Gi-Oh! In a mode for a player in which the difficulty and interaction between rivals are eliminated, where frustration is at the agenda.

Although it may be meritorious to give with these combos, once known, they become a toxic practice. See animations for two minutes to lose without having even stolen a letter does not seem the healthiest of the world .