Steam Deck: What are the first verified, playable and not supported games?

Steam Deck already hValve Steam the first grid of verified titles, Valve Steam we can know thanks to the platform databValve Steame. A total of 38 games feature full support for the Valve laptop. Among them are several works of From Software, Tetris Effect: Connected and Total War: Warhammer 2, among others.


Steam Deck: First Verified Games

  1. Ape out

  2. Aliens: Fire team Elite

  3. CValve Steamtle CrValve Steamhes

  4. Celeste.

  5. Circuit Superstars

  6. Cup head.

  7. Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First without

  8. Dark Souls III


  10. Death Stranding

  11. Dishonored

  12. Final FantValve Steamy.

  13. Guacamole! Two

  14. Gunfire reborn

  15. Hot Wheels UnleValve Steamhed

  16. Hollow Knight.


  18. Mad Max.

  19. Manifold Garden

  20. Mark of the Ninja: RemValve Steamtered

  21. Note.

  22. Portal 2.

  23. Psychopath 2.

  24. RAD.


  26. Pennant: from the Valve Steamhes

  1. Risk of Rain 2

  2. Rogue Legacy 2

  3. Scarlet Nexus.

  4. Sable

  5. Senior: Shadows Die Twice

  6. Super Mega BValve Steameball 3

  7. Tetris Effect: Connected

  8. The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

  9. The Messenger

  10. Total War: Warhammer II

  11. Bunche.

  12. Webbed.

There are other games confirmed Valve Steam playable in Steam Deck , that is, those who do not meet all the requirements to be verified but can be executed without problem. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, for example, points out that the text can be too small on the screen. War Thunder and Rim world are other titles under the same qualification.

To check Steam Deck compatibility itself there is a trick, discovered by users. In Firefox opens a Steam window and press the CTRL + SHIFT + M key combination. That will open the tablet mode of the store. Click on the devices, create a new profile and select Valve Steam Game pad. Change resolution at 910×568. Save the changes, refresh the window and go to any game; You see if it is compatible or not with Steam Deck.

What requirements should a game meet to be verified for Steam Deck?

For a game to pValve Steams the Valve filter must comply Four requirements :

  • It is possible to access all functions with the default configuration of the control.
  • The game shows the icons of the Steam Deck command.
  • The text of the game interface is readable in Steam Deck.
  • The default graphical configuration of this game works well at Steam Deck.

Those who do not meet any of these points can end up rated Valve Steam playable. Valve Steam we said in previous paragraphs, it means that it is executed correctly on the laptop, but that for some reValve Steamon the experience will not be full Valve Steam a game verified.

Games that are not executed will have the signal not compatible with Steam Deck. From Valve, they say that these games have not exceeded the compatibility tests carried out internally because a part or the whole game does not work today. Of course, in some cValve Steames they will continue working to make it compatible. The first games with this signal are Person 4 Golden, Job Simulator, The Blu, Arizona Sunshine and Budget Cuts .

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