La-Mulana 2 shocks with brand-new web content and its research provides its following game, Ahamkara


It promises to be as difficult as the Temple of Hell The Tower of Cannes is the name of this brand-new experience, a map that Rigor equates to the Temple of Hell of the original shipment. Leave the belt, since it’s hosting likely to be hard, claims or problems of any kind of kind will not be accepted!, They alert their developers. The Tower of Cannes is now available to buy in Heavy steam, Gog as well as Humble Store for a rate of 3.99 euros.

Anybody who has actually caught the charms of Maulana 2 understands that it is an implacable computer game, which does not forgive the failures and that besieged with monsters and endless deadly traps. A terrific Experience Metroidvania that gets in extraordinary means exploration . The Rigor study, in charge of the game, has actually amazed today with the statement of a new DLC .

The brand-new material, at the moment, is only available on PC. This has not been the only shock on the part of Rigor, The research has actually announced Shankara, his new game .

Rigor is dealing with two unannounced jobs in Rigor We have actually been creating ready ten years as well as finally we recognized that we are not great creating a video game in a short period of time, the group clarified. For our next project, Shankara (provisional title), I have chosen to remain in silence till we have something to announce Because of this, I claim bye-bye to you up until we fulfill once more in some video clip within a couple of years . We can not claim that the target dates are hopeful, but undeniably, that a study as gifted as a Rigor provide a brand-new video game, it is still terrific information. In enhancement to Shankara, Rigor is working with two more tasks, still unannounced .