Matarazzo does not want to know anything about a character test

The most recent past emphasizes why Matarazzo warns about Freiburg. They are an extremely unpleasant opponent and hard to beat, says the Stuttgart Chef coach, who personally no success was celebrated by the opponent on Saturday (15.30, live! At past emphasizes). The CFB has been victorious for five games against the sports club, two draws followed three defeats. That the Swabia scored ten goals in these five encounters did not help them – they allowed 13.

In Reagan, the Stuttgarter expect a high hurdle, but from a character test for his team, Matarazzo does not want to know anything. Every game is a character test. Why should the game in Freiburg be more character test than other lots? Asks the 44-year-old, which indicates the proper performance at 0: 2 against Leipzig. It has been seen that the team was willing and the necessary energy and intensity showed. Nevertheless, one is inscriptigible: Only if we retrieve our performance level match day for match day, we will achieve our goals. One percent less is too little.

Freiburg’s Cup Coup confirms Matarazzo

Which influence the successful cup game of the SC in Cofferdam will have on Wednesday evening on the pending duel, one will have to wait. The warning level has increased this 4: 1 in any case. A confirmation of our analysis calls it Matarazzo. They were even more effective with their switching game. Before that they were not so fire as this time in the trophy, says the US Italian, whose team should be more than ever warned. The team of coach Christian Stretch conceded this season as the only team no goal after a counterattack. Stuttgart, on the other hand, eight, only the SPVGG Reuther Fürth with eleven more.


For Matarazzo, the Freiburg currently includes the best in the classification. They are a complete team that has many possibilities to achieve a goal. At standards, they are top in the league, they can go to second balls and have the ability to act in the position game. Most of them do the beginning until they do Leadership and then take less risk. What the opponent then makes it even more difficult. It is a tremendous defensive performance. They have a high, man-oriented pressing, but everyone also knows the right time to drop themselves into a more compact basic order and defend each ball.