League of legends

LOL: Fantasy play to protect a partner revealing the power of a forgotten champion

The community of League of Legends does not always treat champions in the fairer way. Sometimes we fall on the mistake of forgetting some characters that remain very effective due to its disappearance of the competitive thinking that they are no longer useful for the team. However, this situation is very far from reality: some of the least used characters are still very interesting, and we can take advantage of their situation to increase our MMR.

The heroic play of a forgotten champion

One of the characters that fits into this description is Baum . Although he has always been among the best League of Legends champions in the support position to protect his colleagues, he has been relegated to a background. The presence of it in the professional game has decreased a lot and at qualifying items barely exceeds 2%. However, this character is more than the charism of him and a player has shown him in a single play.

Blocking the attack routes of their rivals and some of the most important skills, the Support is fundamental to keep your partner alive. The performance is perfect, expelling the most dangerous rivals from the area and cutting all the rival damage skills. Although he is difficult to appreciate on the clip, he is even able to cut the Q (Sonic Wave) from Lee without , something easy when we use Baum.

This type of actions show that it is not so much that the shooters barely have power as well as it is helpful in the games. It is true that this is one of the most unjust positions of League of Legends due to the need for constant support, but for that there are a few champions capable of converting this task into an art .