The player of The Last of Us Part 2 Discover incredible details more than a year later

Naughty dog ​​The last of us part 2 in ps4 is an incredible game of details. Give whatever you want about your story, your characters and your gameplay, but you can not deny that the game is full of details that give life to the game world and everything it contains. That said, it should not be surprising that even the most unconditional fans of the game are noticing some of these incredible details.

In Reddit, a PS4 user recently shared one of these details that involves both Joel and Ellie. More specifically, they revealed that Joel has the cassette that Ellie listens to her birthday memory in her shirt chest pocket, a detail that nobody in The last of us Reddit ever noticed.

Of course, it is very possible that this detail has not only been discovered, but documented at some point; However, if the unconditional fanatics of the series on the dedicated page of the game never noticed the detail, it is safe to assume that the vast majority of the players never noticed the detail.

Something I noticed is that Joel has the cassette that Ellie listens later in her birthday memory in her chest pocket. from
The last of us

While these types of details are defined by the Naughty Dog games, actually break the dive for anyone who notices it. In general, these details are added to the immersion, but when you consider that the tape was no longer ruined during the swimming section, the immersion illusion breaks.

I never realized that! However, I realized that both the tape and the Walkman would have ruined when they swam, but swimming in the games would be annoying if it was so realistic, says the main answer.

«Oh, yes, Naughty Dog again shows that with a budget big enough can make the world’s most detailed game, adds another answer. Fuck Twitter for saying that so many details are something bad, I think it’s great.


The last of us part 2 is available through PS4, and at this time, only PS4, although you can play on PS5 through compatibility with previous versions. As always, feel free to leave a comment or two by making us know what you think or, alternatively, contact me on Twitter. @Tyler fischer To talk about everything related to games. Did you know this detail in The last of us part 2?