Pokemon GO: All the missions and rewards of the Central Energy Event

The legacy season of Pokémon GO goes on with a new event called Central Energy. One of its most important features is that it includes a few special field research tasks that will remain available during the next few days.

So, in the following guide we will offer all the details about them together with the rewards that each will include.

Pokémon GO: all the missions and rewards of the central energy event

On this occasion Electric type Pokémon have a special protagonism , since they will appear more frequently when you walk down the street. In addition, the event is dedicated to the power plants of Kant and Kilos, hence, the Pokémon you see come from these regions.

Among them are Magnetite, Volt orb or Heliopolis , which was not available in the game so far. In fact, if you can not find it in the wild there are a couple of missions in which you will appear when completing them, that is why it is important that you do not eliminate them and make them if you go when you turn a poképarada.

The one you get any of the field research tasks of the event is completely random, as you may also give one corresponding to the tasks of January. In any case, all of them will remain available in the game until February 1 and these will be all the rewards that will give you to carry them out.




Capture 5 Pokémon of electric type


  • Encounter with Electric
  • Meeting with Jolt
  • Meeting with Heliopolis

Make 3 Curve Ball Releases


  • Meeting with magnetite
  • Meeting with Volt orb

Take a photo to a wild Electric type Pokémon


  • Mega Energy Amparo X25
  • Mega Energy Electric X25

Go 1 km away


Encounter with Heliopolis

Go 2 kilometers


Meeting with Rubbish.

Go 3 kilometers


Encounter with Emilia.

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