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Starfield: All famous information about the game world, the factions and more

New World Communications Group, Inc. (established as New World Pictures, Ltd. and also renamed New World Enjoyment) was an independent producer of American cinema as well as TV as well as, later on, owner of a television network in the USA in between completion of the 1980s as well as mid-nineties.

On November 11, 2022, Star field is to appear for the Xbox Series X / S and is the new SCI-FI RPG from Bethesda. Suitable for the genre there will be a varied game world. We summarize all information about the Star field Universe for you.

Info: We will continue to update the article with new information about the game world of Star field.


The game world at a glance

Star field just has to convince as Sci-Fi adventure very much through the environments. If the world is not varied or does not offer enough to explore, then it can quickly get boring.

How big will Star field? An accurate indication is not yet, but Bethesda has already announced that the incurable world should not only shine through the size. Accordingly, it is important for Director Todd Howard that the worlds are alive, instead of being just getting bigger:

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The Settled Systems

The world of Star field is located nearly 50 light-years from our solar system. In this game world, you will expect several biotopes and cities that want to be explored. This complex is called The Settled Systems and already the following places are known.

New Atlantis

The Stew Atlantis : The city is considered the capital for the faction of the U.C. (United Colonies). It is a great crucible for all races and ethnic groups in the world. The city is best compared to the real earth, but more futuristic.


The Stamina : Avila is the capital for the Free star Collective. The city is completely surrounded by a wall, as an AliExpress called Ash ta busiest the settlement, which is a mixture of wolves and raptors.


The Listen : The place Neon is headed by a company called Xenophobes and was originally a fisherman colony. Since the locals have discovered a fish that triggers psychedelic episodes, neon floats in wealth and is known for the luxury.

More environments

Bethesda has not yet announced nothing else to the following images. However, the artworks show how varied the world of Star field will probably be.

Jungle Caves

You will be able to discover the world

Very much to explore itself from the individual areas is not yet known. But previous trailers and artworks suggest at least the following transportation options:

Spaceship vehicle

Which political groups do you meet in the game world?

Each planet and each city within the Settled Systems will have its own factions. A small part has already been presented. Two of them (United Colonies and Free star Collective) faced nearly 20 years before the events of the game in a war.

U.C. — United Colonies

Behind the name hides the strongest fraction within the game world. Both militarily and political practice a great power on The Settled Systems.

Free star Collective

After the war are the most followers of the Free star Collective in the capital Avila. The group believes that individuality and freedom of all living beings is most important.

Other fractions

Much has not yet announced Bethesda to the other groupings, which are also in the world. Here is an overview:

  • Ecliptic Mercenaries
  • Pirates of the Crimson Fleet
  • Spacers
  • The religious fanatics from the House of Va’run


The last faction and those who have to do with the players are the most to do is constellation. For you are part of them and helps explore the mysterious worlds and uncover the greatest secrets of The Settled Systems.

Are you looking forward to the adventures in the game world of Star field?