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Ghost Story Games: Game of the Bioshock

In 2014, the BioShock-Studio Irrational Games closed his doors and Ken Levine, the creator of the series, searched for new challenges.

He found this at the latest 2017 in the founding of the new studio Ghost Story Games, where he works on a new game for Take Two Interactive.

This new game has not been published until today, nor are hand proof details known. We only have been known since 2020 that Levine develops a science fiction game with RPG elements.

An up-to-date report by Jason Schrader is also the game in the development and the team should have found its rhythm.

The way there is to have been very bumpy, and the completion will be at least two years away.

As it says in the report, the game is a shooter that plays on a space station where three factions prevail. Depending on your choice, these fractions can then be either enemies, ally or something else.

The game is also described as narrative LEGO with replaceable story elements.

However, development in the small team should be disturbed by Levine’s way of control. So he should be attached to his authors method, where he changes the direction of the game, a part of the finished work simply discards or consists of a presentation in AAA level. Often the idea should collide on the paper with the desire for control over all aspects by Levine.

Levine should also tend to intimidate, isolate or even fire those if they adhered to him.

The future will show if the leadership of Levine ends in a finished game and how long Take Two Interactive beliefs that Levine can deliver a worthwhile new IP.