Past Fate Kickstarter MMO with a new update

Past Fate to collection funded by a collection of money on a Kickstarter. The creators of somehow, immediately before the end, we managed to collect 100% of the required amount, i.e. 25,000 dollars. As for me, it’s too small to create such a game from scratch, but the time will show you so far we get regular updates.

This latest Valley fraction adds to the game, but it is not completely done and may miss some functions, NPC or tasks. The first Battleground was also added, on it, we can save in every start-up city, just talk to a suitable character, temporarily serve only as a complete vital, without specific goals, timers and queues.

The task system has been completely rebuilt and should not dispose of more mistakes, on the occasion, a journal of the task was implemented, where you can read about them and check the prize for their end. A compass was added, which will allow you to locate NPCs, traders and stations.

Past Fate - Czy ten MMORPG się uda? | Wrażenia z Alfy

And besides, in this update you will find new materials, general fixes and improved animations, all details can be found here.

Past Fate is currently in a closed Alfie with a planned premiere at the end of 2022.