LOL Misfits strip youth on your roster to compete in lec next season

The rosters of the LEC are practically completed after more than one market month of League of Legends and before the arrival of 2022 and Christmas. After a year full of ups and downs and stay at the gates of the world, rabbits will have to paddle to access the best positions of the League since after Razor’s output, Kobe and Wander are going to have it complicated to Despite the great players who have brought to replace them this season. As expected.

Thus, the r misfits outer for Le lay 2022 will be the following:

Top: Shin HIIT TAE-MIN; After a good season in the upper lane at the individual level, the rabbits have given him total power for the next season

jungle: LUCIAN SULTAN AHMAD; about to arrive last season, the Polish player will come for the first time to his willingly redeeming his ghosts from the past
MID: Vincent Veto Berries; after two splits full of great plays and excellent individual performances, he will be the captain of a team with enormous projection
ADC: Matúš Neon Jakub; After two years in German lands with Schalke 04, the veteran Slovak shooter returns home for Christmas to continue demonstrating that he has a level for a long time
Support: Bertie versa sari; the great surprise of the off season, since he has managed to beat the pulse to a figure like wander and will occupy the place of neon’s assistant next season

Even though it has been dismissed from great players, we are sure that this team will give you to speak in the European League seeing the young promises they have in their ranks and that they have a huge projection in the coming years.