With Leno Arsenal sovereign and in the semi finals of the League Cup

After three wins in a row, Arsenal was in the Premier League ranked 4. In the League Cup, the Gunners expected the third division AFC Sunderland and wanted to take the self-confidence from the league. Mike Art eta rotated after 4: 1 in Leeds nine times and brought among other things Leno between the posts. Since the fourth match day, Germans were only on the bench. For the guests, the actually set Bavaria loan Hoffmann was not in the squad.

Eddie Nketiah's hat trick leads Arsenal past Sunderland | Carabao Cup highlights | ESPN FC

Nevertheless, Arsenal knew in the initial phase to convince offensive and went earned early in the lead. After Emblazon almost turned the ball into his own gate, but ultimately to the cross body (12.), it was Sketch with the knee (17th) and Pepe (27th), which brought the Gunners on course.

Sunderland misses the compensation

However, Sunderland did not need long for the connection: Broad head was sent, won the duel against white and overcame Leno with a fine chip (31.). The guests were better in the game since the 2-0 for Arsenal, even because the households were probably a bit cocky and especially in the defensive many gaps offered. Flanagan even had the great chance of balancing (37.) before pause.

After the break, the London then turned on: First Sketch laced the double pack (49th), but under ten minutes later, the striker hit the third time this evening. Pepe left Hume out of tunnel and then gave in the middle where Sketch completed with the hoe (58.) — the most beautiful turn of the evening.

Latino gold-plated debut and arsenal victory

As a result, the guests looked something depressed and powerless. Only EMBLAZON was still dangerous before 4: 1: His shot hissed by only centimeters on the left angle (56.), There would probably be Leno anymore. Just before the final whistle, the 18-year-old Latino met at his professional debut (90. +1). The Arsenal talent had been replaced in the 80th minute shortly before.

With the deserved victory Arsenal moved into the semifinals of the League Cup. On Wednesday (20.45 clock) Tottenham and West Ham, Brent ford, Chelsea, Liverpool and Leicester play the rest of the places under the last four. The league continues for Arsenal at Boxing Day (4pm) at Norwich City.