Aspire Ina s Tale Review A mystical and beautiful adventure

Aspire: Ina's Tale - Review
Aspire: the examination of the history of INA

The independent scene is flourishing with developers creating new and original titles that take the industry into unexplored areas. With the evolution of the industry landscape, more and more people are turning to independent companies to find different experiences compared to the myriad of triple versions a copy-paste. While some titles focus on the basic gameplay, others seek to use the medium as a work of expressive art. Looking to follow the path led by pioneers such as Johnathan Blow and Play dead is aspired: Ina’s Tale, but does this beautiful platform and puzzle game will capture magic that permeates its influences?

Confined in the bowels of an imposing tower, you must free yourself from its obstacles to escape. The mystery envelops the world and the more you deepen, the more you will discover on the inhabitants and the environment. Although the premise is intriguing, the delivery of the story is mediocre, being completely overshadowed by its evocative artistic styles.

Aspire: Ina’s Tale’s aesthetics is incredible. The influences of Giorgio de Chirico and Salvador Dalí are present in architecture and landscapes, however, these give an ethereal cloak, creating a truly fascinating world. The areas are various offering a wide range of colors that helps make the sections distinct. Austere lights cross the environment, contrasting the deep shadows of the interiors, opposing the soft exteriors of Renaissance style.

The beautiful partition adds to the mystical atmosphere. Subtle sounds are created to create a delicious symphony that complements the visuals. Bewitching and emotional, music helps to communicate the trail of the protagonist. The sound effects resonate in the vast environments, signaling the enormity of the tower. The excellent use of spatial sounds creates an enigma that lies everywhere.

During your magical trip, you will need to resolve a litany of puzzles to progress in areas. The majority of riddles are based on logic and require you to move objects and leavers to solve them. INA may contain magical elements and place them on objects that modify their property. This means that you can expand and levitate blocks to help overcome puzzles. The lanterns that contain mythical powers can transfer capabilities, however, you can not jump upholding that, which causes moments of frustration. For this reason, you will have to constantly deposit and move items to progress.

The puzzles themselves are well-designed and offer a suitable level of challenge. In the last third, you will start mixing skills in large complex segments. Unfortunately, some problems will appear at this point. The switching between the magic properties is carried out with the good bumper, but knowing which you have selected is difficult to decrypt. Although I appreciate the absence of a HUD, a clear visual invitation would have helped with these sections. On top of that, I found myself puzzled on some puzzles because of bugs that occurred without knowing it. After having exhausted all the possibilities, I recharged the game to find that a previously inactive element was now interactive. Fortunately, the checkpoints are generously positioned, so little progress has been lost.

Simple platform segments block the basic gameplay that becomes more and more complex over time. The movement of INA is a bit slow but suitable for platform sequences. These sections help give variety and rhythm to the game. Sometimes a rope hangs between platforms, forcing you to swing from one to the other. Although this is sufficient, there is a lack of momentum when attempting to pendulum. As a result, you will often miss the flanges and will have to redo areas.

Without collectibles and a short story, there is no incentive to revisit the game. Although it may seem like a problem, it’s really not the case. Aspire: Ina’s Tale is a targeted experience that realizes what it proposes to do. By concluding before it goes beyond its welcome, you will leave again satisfied after about 5 hours of execution.

Aspire: Ina’s Tale is a bold game that manages to create a remarkable world you’ll want to explore. Incredible design is consistent for the duration, making each zone a pleasure to discover. The puzzles vary and offer a suitable level of challenge, however, rigid movement in platform segments hinders the experience. Although the running time of the game is relatively short, this memorable walk in a breathtaking gallery is worth the detour. A NINTENDO SWITCH key provided by the editor