This time Rts Erogro hell horror new work AGONY LORDS OF HELL announced 2022 KickStarter start schedule

Mad mind Studio has announced the RTS work AGONY: LORDS OF HELL of the Ergo Hell Horror Series.

This work is a real-time strategy work that will be the sequel to the Ergo hell horror game AGONY. The story between AGONY and SUCCUBUS is drawn, and the fate of King Nimrod, the main character of both works, the fate of the devil’s Succubus Lidia is drawn.

As a game play, it is a god game genre like the Populous series, and the main character Nimrod king is dedicated to the development of the city and the management of the army, and the operation unit LYDIA is the Nimrod army victory Guide. Succubus seems to be able to seduce martyrs and capture them into their own army.

AGONY: LORDS OF HELL will be released for PC (Steam). Local Time On December 16th, the first trailer is introduced in the showcase MIDNIGHT 2021: Horror Showcase held at the Horror Game Specialized Site, RELY ON Horror.

Also, the release time of this work has not been revealed, but in 2022, Kickstarter will start cloudfandings.

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