Tales of Arise now allows you to spend games from the current one to the new generation

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Banzai NAMC has published a new update for Tales of Arise, which as the main added will allow you to send the saved data from the current generation to the next-gene. That is, you can transfer from PS4 to PS5 and from Xbox One to Xbox Series X and s, although they clarify this will not work upside down. In addition, they have also added the possibility of blocking the DLC that appear on the screen when the computer sits down to rest at the bonfires, since it always shows the downloadable content we do not have.

In the patch notes, they explain the operation of this data transfer, which can only be done through a network connection. To load the data on Xbox One and PS4, you will have to upload them with a new option through the main screen and follow your instructions. Then, in PS5 and Xbox Series, you will simply have to be accessed with the same PSN or Xbox account and give the option to download data in the main menu, just where the option of loading them before was, and follow the steps that the game indicates until you have the saved games.

They also clarify that the trophies achieved in the PS4 version will be transferred to the PlayStation 5 by downloading the data.

Tales of Arise, released on September 10, managed to rise as the title of the saga that ranked the million copies sold in just one week, figures with which the franchise has already exceeded 25 million of units, casually, on its 25th anniversary. In addition, last week received the prize for the best role game of this year at the Game Awards.

Tales of Arise - Before You Buy

Christian Olivares stood out in the analysis of him how they achieve the goal of renewing the formula to attract new players, which they achieve thanks to their history and a great deal of characters:

Tales of Arise is discussed between continuity and revolution. That strip and loosen Perhaps slightly Masters the final result, which would have benefited from being more broken in some aspects, but it does not prevent us from being before a solid RPG and a very enjoyable game almost from start to finish. Many of the introduced novelties have come, without a doubt, to stay and the group of characters, although something topical, is done very easily. It is, without a doubt, a step in the right direction, but not the rudder hit that some expected.

You can read the complete analysis here.