Halo Infinite Requiem Revengeance Act of Genesis Stances Because players can not unlock them

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La Champagne de Halo Infinite Offer Aux Hours The Discovery Possibility A Certain Name D’Objects Cosmetics à Utilizer Dan’s Les MultiJueueurs du EU. Cell Include Les Carter de Joueur, Les Emblems, Les Sprays d’Argue et Meme Les Positions Mosque Vows Gangrene a match. Two cosmetics who have aroused the interest of infinite halo Players are the ‘ Revenge ‘ and ‘ Act of Genesis ‘, legendary cosmetics that will give your spartan an epic pose.

How to Find Campaign Unlocks! All Halo Infinite Campaign Unlocks Showcase! Halo Infinite Tips

The problem is that the description of the game is not clear about how to unlock exactly these positions, and it seems that they do not unlock in the same way as other cosmetics that can be unlocked in the campaign. So what is the problem ?

Unlock the requirement positions Re vengeance and Act of Genesis in Halo Infinite

According to the game description, the Requiem Re vengeance and Act of Genesis positions can be unlocked in the Halo Infinite campaign. The details, however, have not yet been revealed by the developer 343 Industries, nor the players have discovered them.

Unlike the other unlocked cosmetics in the campaign, these two legendary positions do not seem to unlock when opening one of the Mjölnir armor lockers spread over all the game.

Other players who completed the 100% campaign and exceeded it in legendary difficulty also not unlocked these positions. As such, it seems that the positions of Requiem Re vengeance and Act of Genesis have errors or have secret unlock requirements that have not yet been discovered.

Why do not they unlock?

It remains to be seen if both positions simply have errors and can not be blocked at this time, or if you’re unlocking requirements are linked to a secret hidden somewhere in Zeta Halo.

It is also possible that they do not unlock until the campaign is completed in legendary difficulty with all the skulls activated. If there are players who have done it, they still have to confirm or deny if the positions have been unlocked.

As soon as we know more, we will update this publication and keep it informed.

To get more tips and tricks on Master Chief’s latest adventure, go to our Wiki guide. It contains a lot of useful information for campaigns and multiplayer.

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