NBA Block Show und Throwback

The Los Angeles Lakers have the Orlando Magic 106: defeated 94th Superior man was about LeBron James, who is a several highlight-block and a throwback performance unpacked.

Los Angeles Lakers (15-13) — Orlando Magic (5-23) 106: 94 (Box score)

In the absence of renewed Anthony Davis (knee) even more burden was on James, but accepted it and his team impressively contributed to the victory. Here, the king laid a triple-double (30, 12/20 FG, 11 rebounds, 10 assists) and blocked three shots in a spectacular way.

In addition to James Russell Westbrook and Taken Horton-Tucker were (to 6 steals), each with 19 points, the best thrower of the Lakers, Westbrook also grabbed 7 rebounds and still played five assists. Carmelo Anthony contributed an additional 15 points off the bench at (3/5 triple).

On the part of Magic Franz Wagner made with 20 points (8/18) and 7 rebounds a good game, but allowed himself four, sometimes very costly turnover. The 20: 2 points after turnovers from L.A. view also went to his account. Best scorer was Cole Anthony (21), who had to contend with his throw (18.06). Moritz Wagner did not play, Wendell Carter Jr. contributed another 16 meters and made with his glasses for a curiosity.

NBA: Lakers without LeBron James ideals

The Lakers sat down to start directly with a small 7: 0 run off and kept the Magic the first 2:53 minutes with no points before Wagner hit a three from the corner. That seemed to inspire his team, as they launched a 19: 4 run and brought with +9 in front.

While the Magic on the board many second chances worked out (5 offensive rebounds in the first quarter), had the Lakers offensive without LeBron on the field uninspired. Especially Westbrook often THAT CONDITION frantically, trying durchzutanken his head down on his way to the zone where there was little space against the long Mo Samba and Robin Lopez.

The second quarter began again with James on the field and the team looked like a different person. They forced some stops on the defensive (Monster block from LeBron included!) And drove in the person of LBJ the ball straight for the other side, leading to quick points and a 14: 6 lead-run to the next change in leadership. With 54:48 Magic it finally went into halftime.

NBA: Lakers with outstanding third quarter

After the king had placed in the first half, all of its three (0/3) on the ring, he began the third quarter with back-to-back three-pointers and an And-One for quick nine points in two minutes, the Lakers the guide pulled back. Horton Tucker’s triple to hitherto the highest Lakers lead (69:56) forced Magic coach Jamal Mosley early timeout.

That did not take the Lakers but the wind out of the sails. A few minutes and a 17: 0 run later, the home team was after a triple by Avery Bradley at once with +16 in front. And it went on like that. The Magic hit a potted plant and rendered hair-raising turnover, LeBron grabbed two more Monster blocks and played on the other side Bully Ball, DeAndre Jordan missed Robin Lopez a bad poster and only two free throws by Terrence Ross stopped a 23: 0- Over the Lakers (!) — by far the longest-LA run of the season.

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LeBron James' Best Block On Every Team In The NBA!

With the 10: 36-quarter and a 23-point deficit from Magic-term, it finally went into the last game section, seemed decided in everything. But led by 7 points Wagner shortened Orlando with 4 minutes again to -10, because the Lakers defense was completely at one time by the wind. Enter was on the field but no more than LeBron and Co.