Four times Rodgers Packers Bears Brady

Stephen A. Goes Crazy Aaron Rodgers shine outstanding lead Packers crush Bears 45-30
With four touchdown passports superstar Aaron Rodgers has led the packers to an ultimately clear victory against the Bears. At the tenth win in the 13th game, the Gunslinger threw up for 341 yards and booked four touchdown passports. After a break residue of 21:27, the strong Packers defense was responsible for the turning. The Packers underpinned their ambitions with the victory and continue to be clear in the NFC North before the competitors around the Minnesota Vikings (6: 7). The Bears are 4: 9.

Pretty cool : Brady has most completes

Tom Brady, however, took another record. The 44-year-old playmaker of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers exceeded the 33: 27 thriller against the Buffalo Bills the record of 7142 successful passports of the former Saints quarterbacks Drew Trees. Brady had to shake the victory, however, after the bills had picked up a 21-point residue in the second half. In the extension Bread Persian ran after a 58-yard pass from Brady to the end zone, it was the 700th Touchdown Pass in Brad’s career.

That was pretty cool. I’d rather have been when it had not come so far, but in the end they are all equal to a lot, Brady said after the thriller: We have to learn from it and continue. For the Bus it was like the Packers of Tenth victory in the 13th season game, Brady convinced with a total of 363 passing yards, two thrown and a dignified touchdown.

Little protrudes at dramatic overtime victory of the 49ers

Similarly exciting, it went to Cincinnati, where the San Francisco 49ers initially played at a comfortable victory at the booth of 20: 6. But then Bengals-Quarterback Joe Burrow turned open twice JA’Mary Chase in the end zone. 79 seconds before the end it was 20:20. The strong Jimmy Garoppolo brought the Miners still in Field-Goal range — but the otherwise secure Miners passports superstar Robbie Gould shot from 47 yards with drainage of the clock next to it! In the Overtime, the households presented with a Field Goal. But Jimmy G still had a drive in the sleeve, at his end a touchdown of Wide Receiver Brandon Ainu the 26: 23 success for the 49ers (7: 6) still secured. Outstanding at the guests once more: Tight End George Little, who fingered 13 passes (sometimes spectacular) and came to 151 yards and a TD.

St. Brown strong, but Lions collect eleven defeat

For Monera St. Brown and the Detroit Lions, there was a significant clatter against the Denver Broncos one week after the year-up first season. At 10:38 St. Brown was the most played passed of Lions and came on eight catches for 73 yards, but could not prevent his team from not scoring in the second half and put the eleventh defeat of the season.

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