FIFA 22 When are the icon swaps come

The icon swaps were a popular way for players in the past to get strong rewards. When can you expect IN FIFA 22 with them?

What are Icon Swaps? For icon swaps it is a way to secure icons without the use of coins or exchanges of teams in SBS.

They usually consist of a series of tasks that you have to solve. For solving these challenges you get token, which you can exchange for rewards.

Incidentally, in the last year, Swaps ensured an interesting phenomenon among players, which became known as Golden-Goal mode and effectively insisted that the challenge targets were tailored to each other.

In FIFA 21, however, there were not only pure icons rewards, but also different packs. Among other things, the Icon Swaps offered two ultimate packs for 2 tokens or a MID / Base Icon pack for 10 tokens. But also direct icon rewards such as Richard for 14 tokens or Henry for 17 tokens were there.

Important: There was never enough token to get all the rewards. That’s why you had to weigh you to secure yourself.

An at least similar system is also to be expected for FIFA 22. EA already confirmed the start of the fut season that Icon Swaps would return.

Only when — that is still open.

Icon Swaps Leaked?
Start the icon swaps soon?

When are the icon swaps to FIFA 22? An official start date is not available for the icon swaps. But you take a year back, a release of the icon swaps will be near soon: Icon Swaps 1 started in FIFA 21 together with the Freeze event on December 11th.

It would be conceivable that this year’s swaps start as soon as the versus event ends — that is on 17 December. Another possibility would be a start together with the upcoming season in FUT — which in turn starts on December 24th.

As soon as more information is known, we keep you up to date!

Possible Leaks to Icon Swaps: That is now more speculated about a start of the Icon Swaps, it is partly because that in the FIFA community alleged leaks make the round, which players could be there.

For example, the user Imaduckquackk shared a list of icons that included names such as Cadillac, Ferdinand, Over mars, Distally, del Piero, Ambrosia and Rooney as potential rewards.

This in turn was taken over by well-known leaks like Fut Done (via Twitter). There should also be different pack rewards again.

Important: officially confirmed nothing in this regard. So it is quite possible for the icon swaps to be completely different.

While everyone is waiting for the icon swaps, the Versus event with the teams Fire and ICE is currently running. However, some players have apparently expected themselves here: the new event in FIFA 22 is precisely for criticism.