FIFA launches new structure for ESPORTS

The FIFA series (previously understood as FIFA Football or FIFA Soccer) is a series of football simulations developed by EA Canada, which is published under the brand name EA SPORTS. It exists considering that the end of 1993 with the publication of FIFA International Soccer. Because then, a brand-new concern of the video game with the most current information from the globe of football has been released annually, to make sure that the collection has actually been more than 20 video games. The current variation FIFA 22 has been published on 1 October 2021 for computer as well as various gaming consoles. Along with the main video games, which lug a constant year in the title, EA Sports publishes differentiating offshoots in irregular intervals (see FIFA Road) of the video games as well as independent variations to Globe and European Championships. The last advertising and marketing bonds were to name a few things Lionel Messi, Marco Reus, Cristiano Ronaldo and Eden Risk.

The competitive section of FIFA games is about to change since a new sponsorship structure was announced that will provide more opportunities for participation in terms of esports. This structure will be called FIFA and will be responsible for encompassing all the Future FIFA video game initiatives in one place.

FIFA 22 Global Series OPEN Day 1
This new structure aims to provide access to the world of interactive and enveloping entertainment of new generations, cultures, tournaments and opportunities in terms of licensing of merchandising.

On the other hand, with this new structure it is also sought that football is a much more accessible and equal sport for women and girls. As part of this new initiative, partners will be able to directly affect female football, while at the same time endorse their growth and development.

According to the FIFA, this initiative will be an authentic revolution since for the first time in its history, models of identical marketing and advertising have been created for both women’s football and the masculine.