LOL The new fashion champion that demonstrates the contradictions of the community

The behavior of the players of League of Legends can become very difficult to explain. Although Riot Games has opened his hand to the creation of applications that allow us to know all the data about the game, many members of the community continue to be based on perceptions about the power of the characters to decide which are the best champions of the moment o What objects to choose for each of them. The fashions govern the game, and few examples so clear has been this situation as the unexpected irruption of crop.

The champion that contradicts the community of League of Legends

Attending to the popularity of him throughout the past season, Cork is one of the forgotten characters par excellence. He was barely elected by 2% of the midfielder items if we accurate all the versions introduced in the game during the second half of the year, despite recording a victory rate that became in values ​​greater than 53%. However, the champion is suffering a gigantic rebound in terms of use in the central lane during the last weeks. All thanks to the trap stretched by a new construction of objects.

The choice of items in question is to create a combination of physical damage and skill power that optimizes as much as possible the damage to rockets launched with the final one. Thus, it combines a first half of the build based on physical damage with Malamute E Hydra Moral with a second part based on the power of skill thanks to the choice of Laden Tempest, Shadow flame and Vacuum cane. To the result you can not get in mind not to be spectacular, since it gives the impression that it becomes the most powerful character of all League of Legends.

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However, when we contrast these first impressions with reality, we take a great chase. This new version of Cork is not only more powerful if not that has caused important damage to the character. Without the champion, it has received changes in the last patch and seeing how the general power of many of the possible rivals of it was reduced, the victory rate of it has declined by 1.2%. Motivated difference largely by between four and eight percentage points less in your probability of winning a game of League of Legends with these objects.

The curious of this new construction of objects is that its inefficiency has been awarded by the community. In just a few days the champion has managed to duplicate the election rate of it in the central lane even if it is a much worse alternative than the traditional construction of him that he had been with the attention of the players. A fashion that has come to League of Legends without visas to stay for a long time and that, at best, it is only good in specific situations.

Developers have already explained several times as the sensations of players are contradictory with respect to statistics and that even professional players make suboptimal decisions when choosing the objects and runes of their characters. A theory that has led them to clashes with the community, but it seems to be demonstrated again making it clear that preferences in terms of champions are a matter of fashions.