Someone already created a version of Super Mario Bros with the voice of Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt will be the voice manager of Mario in the film of this character. Although we still have no official look at this tape, during the last few months we have seen an endless edition by the fans who give us a look at how strange it turns out to be this information. Now, a fan has led this meme to a new border to create a version of Super Mario Bros., which has the voice of Chris Pratt.

This is, right now you can enjoy an extension for Google Chrome, known as Chris Pratt is Super Mario, which allows everyone to enjoy level 1-1 of the original Super Mario Bros. Everything is exactly as you remember. However, Each Mario action is accompanied by a dialogue line that Chris Pratt has said in movies like Jurassic World and Guardians of the Galaxy.

This strange version of Super Mario Bros. is available for free, and anyone can play it. Obviously, this is a joke, and does not represent the voice you will have Pratt in Super Mario Bros. However, It is still funny in multiple senses.

Chris Pratt to Voice Mario in Super Mario Movie; Get Ready to Watch Tiger King 2 | The Tonight Show

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