PC version God of War DLSS high resolution shadow reflection expression improvement etc TRALLER release released January 15 2022

Sony Interactive Entertainment (·)is a subsidiary of the Sony Japanese conglomerate, specializing in the videography as well as based in San Mateo, California. The company develops, generates and markets video game gaming consoles as well as computer game. The success of the PlayStation range makes it among the primary gamers on the marketplace. The company is founded in 1993 under the name Sony Computer system Amusement, Inc.(SCSI). She takes her current name on April 1, 2016.

NVIDIA and Sony Interactive Entertainment, She Santa Monica Studio has developed an original version of the GOD OF WAR new trailer to introduce the characteristics of PC version.

The image starts to respond to DSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) that is available to AI rendering technology, which is available in the NVIDIA graphic board RTX series, and compatible with Deep Learning Super Sampling, which is compatible with high frame rate and beautiful video, high resolution shadow, screen It is introduced to improve space reflection, RTX30 series and NVIDIA G-SYNC compatible monitoring to enhance the response of game operations to NVIDIA Reflex.

In addition to the PC version that is considered to improve graphics and performance, others are 4K, Ultra Wide Resolution, Unlimited Frame Rates, AMD Improvement Technology FSR (FIDELITYFXSUPER RESOLUTION), Mouse and Keyboard Operation, DUALSHOCK4, PS5 Danseuse It supports many controller operations and so on.

As of October 2021, the PC version of God of War, where the total sales of the PS4 version has topped 10.5 million copies, at Steam and Epic Games Store, January 15, 2022, It will be released for 4,900 yen. We are currently receiving pre-purchase.

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