Pok mon Go brings special attacks to Johto

In February, Pokemon Go takes place the Photo tour. In addition to numerous monsters and bonuses, you can also look forward to special attacks. We from Mango have viewed us which attacks the coaches behind it suspect and which they would like.

What is the Photo Tour? At the end of February, Pokémon Go takes place around the Photo region. This is called Photo Tour. On the evening of December 07, Ni antic has published the first information. You can look forward to this event on numerous Pokémon and bonuses.

In addition, Ni antic announced more details at the Event side of the Photo Tour, which promise, among other things, special attacks for individual monsters (via pokemongolive.com). This ensures some speculation in the Reddit community.

Special attacks to the Photo tour

Which monsters will get special attacks? Even if you can meet all monsters of this region during the Photo tour, but only part of this Pokémon will receive a special attack. So you can look forward to your typical event attacks of the past community days at Melanie, Tornado, Imperator, Despot, Nectar, Sana and Samuel.

Looking at these corresponding C-Days, the mentioned monsters are expected to get the following attacks to the Photo tour:

But these were not all monsters who will get a special attack at this event. The two legendary Pokémon also the Photo Lucia and Ho-Oh and the mysterious Pokémon Celebs are equipped with a special attack. Which one will be, however, is not yet known.

Wishes of the community at Ho-Oh and Lucia

Even if the event attacks for Lucia and Ho-OH are not yet known, the coaches of the Reddit community already puzzle which attacks could become.

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Thus, TEBAN54 suspects in his Reddit contribution that Ho-Oh could get the attack of purifier fires and Lucia the attack is flaky (via reddit.com). The background for its guess is that the attacks of purifier fire and magic blade have recently rebuilt in the game code.

Other trainers are convinced and write in the comments from this attack choice:

Jre47: The thumbs for lobe fire are pressed (via reddit.com)

Krispyboiz: I’m confident that we’ll get lighter fire at some point this season. (via reddit.com)

What is this for an attack? Many trainers ask in the comments but also what an attack is rural fire and how strong it will become.

As TEBAN54 explains in the comments themselves, it is purifier fire for an attack of Ho-Oh from the games of the main series (via reddit.com). So far, however, this attack is not available yet in Pokémon Go, which is why it can not be said how strong this is actually in the game.

Other players are not so sure if this attack is really introduced to the Photo event. So suspected Cairo Go that Ho-Oh could also get earthquakes (via reddit.com).

Guesses to attack Celebs

But even to Celebs, the coaches already have a first guess. So Kingnorris42 writes I suspect that Spellblatt will be the special attack that Celebs should get in consideration of the timing. This is certainly cool, but hopefully it will not remain exclusively for Celebs, many Pokémon could really use good values, (via reddit.com).

Other Reddit users, however, suspect that, above all, Shay min and Iridium would benefit from such an attack (via reddit.com). However, both will not play a role to the Photo Tour as these monsters are located in other regions. In addition, Charmin is not available in the game at the moment.

What is that for an attack? The magic leaf is an attack of the type plant, which is also not found in Pokémon Go. Of course, some coaches hope for a good attack for the PVP league. How strong the attack in Pokémon Go ultimately really is, but can not be said at the moment.

Whether Ho-Oh, Lucia and Celebs actually get these attacks, remains to be seen for the time being. As soon as Ni antic has announced the respective event attacks, you will learn it here on Mango.

What attacks do you suspect Ho-Oh and Lucia? And on which attack would you look forward to Celebs? Write us your opinion here on Mango in the comments and exchanges you with other coaches.

Until Photo tour, Pokémon Go is still a lot. We show you all events in December and tell you, which you absolutely use it.