BBL Third victory in five days Bayern Munich also beats Heidelberg

Mitteldeutscher Basketball Club (English: Central German Basketball Club), for sponsorship factors named SYNTACTIC MBC, and typically referred to as MBC, is an expert basketball club based in Weißenfels, Germany. The club presently plays in the Basketball Bundesliga, the first tier league in Germany.

FCBB vs Heidelberg | ???? Pressekonferenz ???? | BBL | 12. Spieltag | Saison 2021/22

Bayern Munich also won the third game within just five days and expanded its spreadsheet in the BBL.

On Monday night, the German Cup winner against the climber MLP Academics Heidelberg prevailed mainly thanks to a strong last quarter with 77:71 (33:33).

For the Munich it was already the fourth league victory in a row. On Saturday, the leader had won the Syntactic MBC, only two days before that they were victorious against Villeurbanne in the Euro league.

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The Bayern was still six points against Heidelberg before the beginning of the last quarter, then the team of Andrea Trencher turned on again and secured the success. Best thrower for the hosts was Jihad Djokovic with 14 points. At the Heidelberg, for which the fifth defeat was already in a row, Jordan Ghost achieved most counters (15).