To passive in Dresden Gondorf s trouble to KSC

With a wide chest, with hanging heads off: After the KSC last Hanover had disassembled 4-0, followed by pushing Dynamo Dresden the Here Disappointment. The 1: 3 defeat was absolutely earned and fair. As well as the location for Kyoung-ROK Choir after a good of an hour playing time. Because of the traffic light card, Choir will be missing at the nearest home game against Dagenham.

After 30 minutes passive and hesitant

PASSIVE VOICE | Imperative Sentences | Modal Verbs | Part 2

Personnel had a coach Christian Either set against the 96 victorious eleven. This team started confident, acting with peace and overview. But after 30 minutes, the eleven became a passive. Hardly other balls were hardly won, in the game forward missing courage and pace. The only goal was to avoid the residue. When then hesitant battle behavior came to fell, the counterparts fell.

Captain Jerome Gondola at any rate was upset, that we have approved simple gates. With the Dresden hits you would have packed. Gondola acquaintances, that we left the cut in the second half. Another shortcoming: In the event of a change, Either can not increase the quality. Due to the defeat, the view in the table goes down again. There are still seven points ahead of the third last place in the tableau.