Warframe announces new enlargement and enthuses fans I cried twice

Warframe has announced a new expansion. This is called The New War and appear for free on 15 December. Mango tells you why especially longtime fans react emotionally to it.

Developer Digital Extremes has announced The New War the latest expansion for the popular MMO shooter Warframe. The developers talk about the biggest and most ambitious enlargement that they have developed for Warframe far. Much focus is on the story and its cinematic storytelling. But a new Warframe named Caliban was announced.

When will the expansion The New War published on Wednesday, December 15, 2021 Steam, Epic Games, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S |? X and Nintendo Switch. She’s like all Warframe extensions for free.

Note : This article contains spoilers about the story of Warframe.

Story of the extension makes fans emotionally

? What is in the extension The Story of The New War it is next to the war from the title a lot about the relationship the player to Lotus — the mother figure of the Space Ninjas that to play in Warframe.

The trailer also shows for the first time in its nearly nine-year history, the face of the player character. This ensures the end of the trailer for a very emotional encounter with Lotus. In this case, a fatal outcome is indicated.

As the community react? The fans react to this story hints very emotional. In Warframe-subreddit has the most popular post the trailer entitled Just try not to cry CGI Trailer Edition (via Reddit). The comments reflected in the same emotional score:

Hunter5173 writes: This has really hit a nerve, 100%. This is fun and emotionally (via Reddit)
Rebellious Cash invents a dialogue: Developer: This story is abusing you emotionally. — Me: I’m ready (via Reddit)!
AUserNameyUsername says: I have goose bumps. I love it so much. (Via Reddit)
Leader admits, I cried twice. (Via Reddit)

New Warframe & Old enemies in expansion playable

Is there a new Warframe? With The New War appears a new Warframe armor with which you play can. The named Caliban and is the 48th Warframe in the game.

Caliban is a hybrid of a Warframe and Sentient species. These are, according to the official website of the capabilities of the Warframe (via warframe.com):

blades Gyre:
Will a rotating vortex of death. Keep Fire pressed to accelerate the maelstrom and increase harm, then aims at an enemy to zuzustürmen him. When you meet the Sentient anger affected enemies, you generate a destructive explosion.
Sentient anger:
Beat to the ground and emits a wave of destruction. Enemies who were not killed by the first blast are helpless lifted into the air and suffer for a short time still do damage.
Deadly youth:
Caliban uses Sentient aspect, and provides it with up to three Conculysten aside. Shields are repaired outside of battle.
fusion beat:
Brings together three streams of raw energy to a single point, causing a massive explosion reactive. The explosion effects from the armor of all enemies that are affected.
Adaptive Armor (Passive):
Allies within range receive increased resistance to the types of damage that they suffer just.

What else is new? In The New War you can also characters from the ranks of the opponents play. These characters can be controlled in this quest:

Bald-175, a Grinder Troopers
The Corpus Tech Veto
Ten shin, a soldier of DAX

Digital Extremes promises that these three characters have all their own abilities that will provide varied gameplay.

We whether the expansion delivers what it promises to find the earliest on 15 December. The fans seem to be in any case enthusiastic about what is shown — despite tears in his eyes.

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