LOL LS lands at Cloud9 to improve the level of West in front of Asia

What was a secret to voices finally becomes official: nick ls of CESARE confirms his arrival at the US team of cloud9 with the main intention of improve the results of the Club Facing those of this year that precisely are not bad. Through a video, Jack Étienne team announced the arrival of the ex-Caster and streamer, which after several months thinking whether to get out of the team finally chose to enter the world of coaching after more than two years And a half on the side of the loci, being a creator of content of League of Legends for the most laureate Korean team of history.

Throughout the video, LS gave the reasons for which he decided to join Cloud9; The main and greatest reason for all was mainly the friendship that he has in this country and in this club with one of the members of him as max or fudge. Another reason was that I wanted to help the Western region to raise the joint level of both leagues, since the last results of Asian teams and the poor performance of most clubs throughout the world caused Nick I would like to improve this region.

Welcome Nick

In turn, Jack Étienne gave the coach free to consult the signings, being two Korean imports An incredibly good added. This is how it recommended Berserker, T1 Academy shooter and knows a little more, already Summit, which has been one of the revelations of the Sandbox season in Korea and one of the players willing to replace the best players in the region. It will be necessary to see if Nick is a great added to the team or if at the end of the season they will dispense with it for the results.