In Elden Ring I can fight again as I like it and I missed that at Sekiro

The bike bandit with dagger, the uncanny knight with pumpkin and mighty great sword and the magician who says: I can wear a cart bike around the neck, because if I spacy my spells, no one laughs anymore. — You and many others are encountered in the network test to Elder Ring. And this abundance of customizations for fighting style and appearance has properly done to me — especially after fromSoftwares predecessor senior was very limited in this regard. A design decision with which I did not realize well.

Senior and me

It was all the developer team to try something new and Senior followed on the Dark Souls series and Blood borne has caught up many fans. However, I quickly realized that at the tough action game I missed exactly that, which has always powered me in the predecessors: the opportunity to struggle as it is popular — and admitted: also to reward me for victories with chic new clothes. Yes, I am a fashion Souls victim.

In Senior, on the other hand, we all play the wolf, which is a cool dog, but clearly pretends to the style. The struggles are very strongly influenced by a single mechanism in which a bar is filled by means of parry and the death shock is offset. In the relationship it says: Fries or Stir — and I died very often. Although the combat system brings great new ideas that have tailored very well in the Gamer test, it was just not my thing.

Counter concept at Elder Ring

Consequently, I did aerial June than it became apparent from the trailers that the journey at Elder Ring is very strong in the direction of role-playing with many individualization. The network test has not only confirmed that, but did not exceed my expectations. Although only a selection of weapons, magic and armor was available, I did not give me the played 12 hours to try everything on my plan.

For the new diversity, among other things, breeding battles, which make particular attention to the confrontation with great opponents for a whole new sense of feeling or the opportunity to conjure up a combat mob to support. Also, magic, which fell very powerful in the network test, come with cool optical effects such as a huge fire-feeding dragon head, properly varied therefore and could be a real alternative to melee for many fans.

Samara Summer

also in the winter

Samara discovered the games of FROM software with Dark Souls 3 for himself. In the meantime, the author has also made up earlier titles. Especially done to her Demon’s Souls (and the great remake), of course, her first Souls-Game, Dark Souls 3, and above all Blood borne. Before the network test of Elder Ring, the anticipation of Samara has robbed his sleep — right now, as you will find now!

The melee does not have to hide

But not afraid: Soulty-typical Melee battles with weapons like spears or double swords also feel different — and can even be adapted to the preferred style even by special weapons capabilities. These skills are special attacks that we can equip certain weapons.

For example, we find the war as they need in dungeons or get for defeated minibuses, which feels very rewarding. They are an exciting supplement and will allow partially in the fight very new dancing. There are, for example, attacks that conform to opponents or get a flash.

I played more Souls-Like games while waiting for ELDEN RING
In short: The network test shows — in Elder Ring we make our world as you like us. Or at least our fight style. So we can put us with the weapon and technology to the tumbled, which lies us very well. In the network test, many of these options had exciting advantages:

Every time it was the attack speed, sometimes that we can go to distance or that although we are slower, but doing great damage. This could make sure that more playing in Elder Ring at home will feel as in Dark Souls. I am also looking forward to the high playback value and the infinite options for cool challenge runs.

How do you like the variety of fighting style? Have you already decided to with which build you suggest you through the intermediate country?