Electronic Arts wants to create a universe Battlefield interconnected

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Battlefield Franchise Undergoes Major Shake-Up, EA announces creation of

Battlefield 2042 was… Well, it was definitely the exit of something. The new opus gave Battlefield fans a new place to play, but also published a wave of worries about the future of the franchise. Many players have expressed their frustration against the lack of features or stability of the game. And for a few, they feared that Battlefield was transformed into something they could no longer enjoy. While some may be happy to learn this news, others are certainly not. Battlefield, as a franchise, changes direction — and this can be scary for some.

In an interview with Game spot, the co-founder of Respawn, Vince Capella (who, apparently, now supervises this massive expansion), said:

We will continue to evolve and develop Battlefield 2042, and we will explore new types of experiences and business models along the way we can add to this base to offer an impressive range of experiences to our players. In this universe, the world is interconnected with characters and a shared narration. This universe is also built with our community because we operate the power of the portal and the content generated by users who put the creativity in the hands of our players.

This interview saw Capella Illustrate what this future could look like. We will see many new Battlefield titles, coming from a variety of studios from around the world, all sharing a single barrel. But as Game spot points out, its wording — Experiences — could also refer to non-game media. There will be recurring characters and intrigue points to keep people hanging, Battlefield extending considerably. This will become something that will compete directly from Call of Duty, or maybe even the Marvel cinematographic world. Do you think it’s the right call? Let us know in the comments below!

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